September 29, 2023 12:45 pm
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Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

Infra Engineers India Pvt Ltd (IEPL)-Creating the future

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) is one of the key players and is unique for offering a diverse range of multi-brand used construction and mining equipment, as well as special attachments. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, IEPL serves as the ultimate destination, catering to all the needs in the realm of construction and mining machinery, providing an unparalleled array of products and services.
IEPL diligently procures sparsely used construction equipment, meticulously carries out the refurbishment process by highly skilled service engineers & offers it to the international & domestic markets.

The Buyback Scenario:
The concept of buyback is well-establi-shed across the globe & is gradually gaining traction as a novel notion within the Indian market. Internationally, virtually every manufacturer has a division specializing in pre-owned equipment, where a diverse array of multi-brand equipment is procured. However, in the Indian context, this innovative practice has found its footing primarily within the automotive sector. Evident examples include Maruti Suzuki’s True Value and Mahindra First Choice Wheels, both of which have carved a niche for themselves as prominent players in the buyback landscape of the automobile industry. These entities effectively engage in the acquisition of pre-owned vehicles spanning various brands.

To further broaden the horizons of this progressive concept, it becomes imperative to extend its reach to the construction equipment industry within India. As things currently stand, certain OEMs within the Indian market do possess divisions dedicated to pre-owned equipment, albeit with a narrower focus limited to their own brand offerings. It is vital for these entities to embrace a more inclusive approach akin to the automotive sector. By embracing a broader spectrum of brands, OEMs can effectively invigorate the used equipment domain, thereby fostering its growth and potential.

Currently IEPL has made substantial strides in multi-brand buyback. Leveraging strategic Joint Ventures with various OEMs, IEPL’s endeavours have yielded remarkable results. Over the course of the past three years, the efforts have culminated in the successful procu-rement of an impressive tally exceeding 900 units. This triumphant endeavour stands as a testament to the substantial prospects latent within this business model. These accomplishments clearly underscore the untapped potential within the market.
In light of this, there exists a compelling impetus for all OEMs operating within the CE sector to embrace the multi-brand used equipment buyback paradigm. By emulating the proven success of the automobile industry, OEMs can effectively bolster the used equipment domain. Such an expansion of scope would not only cater to the market’s demand for cost-effective solutions but also stimulate growth within the industry at large.

In conclusion, while the concept of buyback has already established a formidable presence on the global stage, it remains a relatively new entrant within the Indian context. This innovative practice, commonplace in various industries internationally, has gained solid ground within the Indian automotive sector. However, its potential extends well beyond this domain, especially into the construction equipment sector. By adopting a more inclusive approach and collaborating across brands, OEMs can unlock the latent potential of the used equipment market. IEPL’s notable success serves as a promising indicator of what can be achieved. It would be good for all OEMs in the CE industry to recognize and seize the opportunities presented by the multi-brand used equipment buyback approach, thus fostering growth and innovation in tandem.

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.
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