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Encraft India Pvt. Ltd.

Encraft India Pvt. Ltd. ENCRAFT, the leading fenestration brand in the country, has given innovative fillip to traditional sliding and the result is – Lift n Slide Doors which are designed for larger openings for unobstructed views. By rotating the handle 180° the door fully lifts off its seals. ENCRAFT'S hallmark

Greenply Industries Ltd.

Greenply Industries Ltd. The Engineered Panel Division(EPD) of Greenply Industries Limited has been instrumental in revolutionising the wood panel industry. The division has rewritten the rules of the game with iconic brands offering infinite possibilities in the wood panelling industry. As a transformative strategy, the Engineered Panel Division has reinvented itself

Action Construction Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Action Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Tower cranes and Their Importance in Construction Industry Tower Cranes play an integral role in the construction industry. These machines are used to lift, move, lower and raise the objects. For the construction industry Tower Cranes have become the most essential and valuable assets because they make the

H & R Johnson (India)

H & R Johnson (India) Johnson- Tiles originated in England with the start of 20th Century and has travelled continents with its reputation to offer quality products to its discerning customers. We can see some of the classical foot-prints in few heritage buildings of India  viz. Mysore Palace, Falaknuma Palace (Hyderabad)

Kirby Building Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Kirby Building Systems India Pvt. Ltd.   CLIENT/OWNER: Dabur India Ltd STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT: Jacobs India Tonnage – Approx. 4,200 MT Area – 22,000 square meters + 12,000 square meters of mezzanine = over 34,000 square meters of area Jobsite – Sonitpur, Assam Building Usage – Manufacturing of Ayurved products Industry – Consumer Goods

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, today announced expansion of its road construction equipment with the launch ofanother Motor Grader - the Mahindra RoadMaster G90 under the aegis of its Construction Equipment business.

Monier Roofing Pvt. Ltd.

Monier Roofing Pvt. Ltd. BMI BMI MONIER, part of BMI Group is the largest roofing company worldwide with presence in more than 40 countries with 150 manufacturing facilities. Present in India since 1997, BMI BMI Monier has changed the architectural landscape of India over the years with quality roof tiles and

K- Lite Industries

K- Lite Industries Efficient and cost-effective LED bollards with rotationally symmetrical illumination on ground surfaces. The photo metric design of these luminaries is based on LED integrated with K-Lite’s precision reflector module. Consistent implementation of a new technological  developments combined with  the highest technical and structural quality have resulted in these

profine India Windows Technology Pvt. Ltd.

profine India Windows Technology Pvt. Ltd. profine Group - Germany, one of the world leader in uPVC profiles and sheet business, through its wholly owned subsidiary profine India Window Technology Pvt. Ltd.has introduced its aluminium range of products under the brand “AluPure”Aluminium Window and Door Systems for Indian market. Objective behind