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CERA Sanitaryware Ltd.

CERA Sanitaryware Ltd. CERA Sanitaryware Limited, which has been growing continuously for the past four decades and has its sanitaryware and manufacturing units in Kadi, in Gujarati, has been awarded Growth Ambassador.  The award was received by CERA’s Executive Director & CEO, Mr Atul Sanghvi from the Chief Minister of Gujarat,

Viega India Pvt. Ltd.

Viega India Pvt. Ltd. Viega India, one of the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating, has introduced a unique concept where things adapt to people with their adjustable bathroom designs. The ability to live in familiar and comfortable surroundings at a ripe old age is an understandable wish shared

Sariska India

Sariska India Sariska India is a fast (FMEG) Company with a strong global presence with market dominance in Led Lighting,Cables & Wires,Fans,Led T.V, Luminaries for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications.Thanks to our philosophy of Make in India. Sariska provide the best solution for the project and provide best after sale services.

PRD Rigs India Pvt. Ltd.

PRD Rigs India Pvt. Ltd. PRD Rigs India Pvt Ltd inception in the year 1972, our adorable passion and obsession for uncompromising quality has made us one of the leading drilling, exploration rig and mining equipments manufacturer in the world. Being the first drilling rig manufacturer in India with ISO 9001:2015 certification

Orient Fire Curtains India Pvt. Ltd.

Orient Fire Curtains India Pvt. Ltd. Orient Fire Curtains India Pvt Ltd specialises in providing high quality domestic and commercial Automatic Orient Fire and Smoke Curtains. These systems automatically deploy in the event of fire, helping to protect property and save lives. Orient Fire and Smoke curtains are an essential safety component, not

Riddhi Siddhi Innovations (India) Pvt. Ltd

Riddhi Siddhi Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. Windows help to transform the living space completely. Even a single replaced home window could create the magic beyond belief. Imagine a room with low lighting and old framed window, doesn't it seems uninteresting from outside and inside both. By placing an aluminium sliding window

Grohe Limited

Grohe Limited For its new Atrio collection, GROHE draws on this most elemental and elegant form to create an iconic object that is built to last. Great, lasting design is about clarity of vision and refinement of aesthetics, paring away all the superfluous elements. Using these principles, the new GROHE Atrio has

The Supreme Industries Ltd.

The Supreme Industries Ltd. Premium Water Storage Tanks After encouraging response to the ‘Siltank’ -overhead water tanks and ‘Amrutam’- underground water tanks, Supreme has come up with yet another unique quality product - premium water storage tanks ‘WeatherShield’. These premium overhead water storage tanks are designed to offer many best in class

Fuji Lift Ind & Co.

Fuji Lift Ind & Co. Fuji Lifts Ind & Co., was formed in September 2017 to provide the elevator and escalator industry with are liable and specialised installation contractor to cater to the needs of the ever increasing industrial and high-rise commercial buildings in the country.

Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd.

Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd. Plast-O-Proof is an integral waterproofing compound, ideal for use with both concrete and plasters. It is based on specialised surfactants and synthetic resin which impart superior flow and cohesive properties in concrete and mortars. Use of integral waterproofing compounds in concrete and mortar is one of