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PRD Rigs India Pvt. Ltd.

PRD Rigs India Pvt. Ltd. PRD Rigs India Pvt Ltd inception in the year 1972, our adorable passion and obsession for uncompromising quality has made us one of the leading drilling, exploration rig and mining equipments manufacturer in the world. Being the first drilling rig manufacturer in India with ISO 9001:2015 certification

Casagrand India Pilling & Geotechnical Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Casagrand India Pilling & Geotechnical Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Casagrande S.p.A is a leading Manufacturer for a wide range of foundation equipment such as Large Diameter Piling Rigs , Equipment for Diaphragm walls, CFA , Non Vibratory Stone Column Construction, DTH, Machines for Tunnels, Crawler Drill for Anchors, Jet Grouting, Ground Improvement

Apollo Techno Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Apollo Techno Industries Pvt. Ltd. Apollo HDD RIGS, enters the Global HDD Industry. The Apollo A800 is designed to cater small to medium size underground infrastructure construction projects and equipped to face tough hard ground and difficult job site conditions.  Machine is constructed with a quality rack and pinion ad have

Action Construction Equipments Ltd.

Action Construction Equipments Ltd. ACE TOWER CRANES- BUILDING THE SKYSCRAPPERS OF INDIA Tower Cranes play an integral role in the construction industry. Working in construction sites has always been considered hazardous, thanks to the innovation and technological development that Tower Cranes have made working on these sites easy for contractors.

AJAX Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

AJAX Engineering Pvt. Ltd. India has envisioned a huge infrastructure development for which enormous amount of concrete will be required. How are you gearing up for to this challenge? AJAX has always been a forward-thinking Concreting Equipment player in adopting new technology trends and is always geared-up for the challenges happening in