September 29, 2023 12:02 pm
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Blooms India Incorporation

Blooms India

Mr. Dharmendra Dhari
Blooms India Incorporation

Blooms India is one of the well known company in Roofing & Façade Industry. Would you like to share the success story of your company.
Blooms India is ISO 9001:2015 certified company with more than a decade experience in beautifying building exteriors in different cities of India. We are importer and distributor for few of leading brands & our own OEM brand in roofing, cladding and landscaping products from across globe.
We started our operations in 2009 from small projects in Deli & NCR and today we have presence in 40 cities of India through our partners.
The materials we deal with are not only products but a solution to energy efficient buildings. These products not only beautify the building exteriors and enhance the aesthetics, but also scientifically function.
Our global products: Clay roof tiles, Stone coated metal roof tiles, Zinc titanium façade, clay facade, Asphalt shingle uPVC/ bitumen roofing sheet, Air-bubble insulation, uPVC rain water gutter, WPC louver & Decking, HPL & Soffit panel.
We also manufacture wooden house & Pre-fab buildings with its facility in New Delhi and erect it in any part of India.

What is your opinion about the recent trend in your business segment.
As Blooms India has vast product range for building exterior so we get mix trends for our business as we have products for different stages of buildings and always get the flow.
How competitive is the Indian market today for your business.
The Indian market is known for its vastness and diversity. It presents both significant opportunities and challenges for businesses. We have intense competition due to the presence of multiple players in each segment of our business. But large consumer base and uniqueness in our products we have relatively less competition.

Do you have any expansion plan in Pipeline.
Now every customer is looking for ROI, lands are becoming costlier so weather its industrial, commercial, institutional or residential buildings they want to finish it in lesser time. Pre-fab or pre-engineered buildings are write solution for them as it save time, light in weight, energy efficient, rain water harvesting and beautiful exterior. So here we are Bloom’s will keep on adding new technologically advanced products and solutions to serve its customer. Two years down the line Blooms name will be synonymous with premium prefab building and allied products, solution provider in country.

Can you discuss the impacts of increasing inflation over your business.
Off course our business is also impacted due to increasing inflation, INR becoming weak against USD resulting increasing in raw material prices and hence finish goods.
Overall, the impact of inflation on businesses depends on various factors, including the industry, market conditions, and a company’s ability to adapt to changing economic circumstances. Flexibility, strategic planning, and proactive management of costs and pricing are key for businesses to navigate the challenges posed by inflation.

Blooms India Incorporation
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