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Lutron GL Sales & Services P. Ltd

Lutron GL Sales & Services P. Ltd As discussed on the call on behalf of Lutron Electronics, leader in energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control solutions, would like to explore a possibility of product placement with your publication. Please find enclosed, the details of the latest products by Lutron.  

K-Lite Industries

K-Lite Industries LED BOLLARDS Efficient and cost-effective LED bollards with rotationally symmetrical illumination for ground surfaces. The photometric design of these luminaires is based on LED integrated with K-Lite's precision reflector module.

HPL Electric & Power Ltd

HPL Electric & Power Ltd Electrical wires and cables are conductors used in electrical networks for transfer of electricity. These find application in large scale electricity grids in the form of cross-country transmission lines as well as a variety of indoor / outdoor applications. While electrical wires and cables come in

Albitek Power Services Pvt. Ltd.

Albitek Power Services Pvt. Ltd. HOME INVERTER An Inverter is an electric apparatus that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). It is not the Same thing as an alternator, which converts mechanical energy (e.g. movement) into alternating current.