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Project Cares & Associates

Project Cares & Associates Project Cares solution provider based in the historic city of Pune, Maharashtra. We are supplying servicing all types’ Project Solution. Project Cares & Associates”, are recognized as the prominent of More Product Range Experience.

Pidilite Industries ltd

Pidilite Industries ltd A new house is a cherished dream for all home buyers and therefore proactive measures should be taken towards mitigating risks such as damages incurred due to water leakage. As the widely known phrase correctly states, “A stitch in time saves nine.” any proactive effort towards risk mitigation

Olympiados Holding Private Limited

Olympiados Holding Private Limited In this hustling lifestyle one must be active by mind and body. While buying a home we invest in the parking space and various other infrastructure development. Why don’t we all start promoting activities like sports to be an active part of one’s lifestyle and see that 

Novell Polyecoaters Ltd.

Novell Polyecoaters Ltd We are the group of Khimji Velji & Companies established in 1903. Novell is an ISO 9001 certified company. The company is renowned as the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Automobile Canopies OEM, PVC Coated Nylon Tarpaulin, Fire Retardant Tarpaulin, Container Cover / Eyelet / TIR Cord, Kios, Awning

NOE Formwork India Pvt. Ltd.

NOE Formwork India Pvt. Ltd In today’s modern world concrete structures are designed to blend in with their surroundings and take on pleasing aesthetic qualities. Architectural Concrete – Decorative & Aesthetical i.e. where concrete is not just structural & functional, but also has a decorative function. Giving concrete a look of

Hindustan Windows Systems.

Hindustan Windows Systems COMPANY: HINDUSTAN uPVC windows and door systems, we have owned fabrication unit in Pune and Kolhapur itself from past 6 years we will be having more in other cities. Our company is dedicated to be the best fabricator unit in INDIA. We are in tie-up with NCL-Wintech India Limited

Divine Thermal Wrap Pvt. Ltd.

Divine Thermal Wrap Pvt. Ltd We are manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminum Reflective Insulation, which is a unique insulation product, used for Metal Roof, Asbestos Roof Sheet, Under Deck, Ducting, Vertical Wall, Live Stock, Concrete roof, Ceiling, Pipes, Under Floor, Cold Room and Refrigerated Containers.

Daimond Metal Screens Pvt. Ltd

Daimond Metal Screens Pvt. Ltd. With its 11,000 manufacturing area, Diamond Metal Screens Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of perforated metal screens, with 3 sectional, 5 all across & 2 AIDA perforated punching presses, along with additional machinery for value added services to deliver premium quality perforated metals sheets

Arto Precast Concrete

Arto Precast Concrete Precast concrete technology is beginning to see rapid growth in the Indian market. As the demands for better quality and timely completion takes center stage, precast concrete is one of the best ways to satisfy the above parameters.