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Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. The ancient Chang Vateshwar temple is located on the banks of river Karha, at the foothills of Purandar fort in the village of Narayanpur near Saswad. It is about an hour and a half drive from Pune. The temple is constructed in Hemadpanti style and has inscriptions

Alfen Windows Pvt. Ltd.

Alfen Windows Pvt. Ltd. Companies all over the world are fighting against the pandemic, within and outside. Amidst this crisis, it becomes crucial to safeguard the people within the company as well as to serve with requirements in terms of aluminium architectural fenestrations. Riddhi Siddhi Innovations (India) Private Limited (RSIIPL) owing

Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd

Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd Classic Marble Company  (CMC) has introduced a premium KalingaStone quartz product - the Nuvolato White from the Venata collection. The rich white quartz slab exhibits fine grey veining across the surface for a minimalist, refined appearance. The meandering grey streaks of brilliance traverse throughout the quartz

Sleek Boards Marketing Service LLP

Sleek Boards Marketing Service LLP SLEEK BOARDS introduce NOVEL BOARD – A COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO BWP PLYWOOD in India. Now Furniture manufacturers and Door manufacturers can get the benefit of an Engineered Panel product which is FAR SUPERIOR than any Particle board or MDF/HDF and which meets the functional properties of

Rocland Pvt. Ltd.

Rocland Pvt. Ltd. When it comes to industrial concrete floors, they’re thought to be extremely sturdy and are expected to last for years, with minimal maintenance. But expectations and reality are different. In no time you can expect cracks, spalls and other types of damage to show up on your  floor.

Preca Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Preca Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Give a Brief overview of the precast Industry. Which Type of precast products is currently most in demand In precast process all the building elements are cast at factory under controlled environment. All building elements will take to the construction site and erect in the designated position

Monofloor India Pvt. Ltd.

Monofloor India Pvt. Ltd. Technology used in Material storage and movements in modern warehouses are evolving with time owing to automation and space constraints. Warehouses traditionally started with a basic heaped storage and moved to palletized storage. Space constraints demanded taller racks and automated retrieval of pallets from these tall racks.