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The Concrete Shop

The Concrete Shop It all started with a solitary industry in 1984, a solitary dream, a fantasy to offer the best of them, a taste to esteem and love to share. It is the passion and the responsibility of a wide range and categories, that brought forth the Concrete connection in

Sleek Boards Markerting Service LLP

Sleek Boards Markerting Service LLP Sauerland Spanplatte Germany, world’s largest component supplier to the door industry has partnered with several door manufacturers in India to provide you a dual performance Door-set. Keep the noise out on daily basis and provide passive fire protection for 60 minutes for the main door in

Simta Clear Coats Pvt. Ltd.

Simta Clear Coats Pvt. Ltd. Welcome to simta Astrix family . it is my pleasure to introduce our business operations through this letter. Since from 1991, the incorporation of Simta group of companies, engaging in the business for textile oriented machineries and accessories, my ambition started the way of replacing wood in

Sagar Asia Global LLP

Sagar Asia Global LLP SagarAsia Group is India's largest manufacturer of Mobile Scaffolds,Aluminium Ladders &  Access Solutions. SagarAsia as a Organization is committed to provide Safe solutions to People Working at Height with World Class Aluminium Height Access Systems. SagarAsia group has World Class Facilities with 5 dedicated plants in Hyderabad including In-House Aluminium Extrusion

Riddhi Enterprise

Riddhi Enterprise Injection PU Grouting Machine Riddhi Enterprise offers different types of injection pu grouting machine like single and dual component routing machine and we also supply of airless spray painting machine.

NCL Alltek & Seccolar Ltd.

NCL Alltek & Seccolar Ltd. NCL Alltek & Seccolor Ltd is one of the well known company. Would you like to share the success story of your company? In the modern era of depleting natural resources and environmental imbalances, introduction of alternatives for the traditional wood with other products is much necessary and

Riddhi Siddhi Innovations India Pvt. Ltd.

Riddhi Siddhi Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. Global warming and constantly increasing pollution is leading to threatening consequences in terms of its effect on our health and our resources as well. The advancement of technology and machinery invented for our comfort and benefits is harming us along with our surroundings, the heat

Carpi India Waterproofing Specialists Pvt. Ltd.

Carpi India Waterproofing Specialists Pvt. Ltd. Carpi was established in the year 1963 in Italy catering to waterproofing needs of large hydraulic structures across the globe.  Carpi with its 50+ experience of over 300+ projects uses State of the Art PVC Geomembrane Technology whereby a layer of synthetic geomembrane is installed

Ardex Endura India Pvt. Ltd.

Ardex Endura India Pvt. Ltd. The importance in waterproofing of villas, residential & commercial buildings, malls, high-rise buildings, etc. has gained value in the recent years. There are strong reasons behind the same. A slight dampness or leakage in any interiors acts as a termite, which not only destroys the beauty

Hanna Equipments India Pvt. Ltd.

Hanna Equipments India Pvt. Ltd. Hanna Instruments is excited to announce the launch of HI98199 – A Portable Waterproof Meter with a single digital probe input, that allows the connection of either a pH, conductivity or dissolved oxygen probe.  This meter can measure up to 10 water quality parameters with 5