December 8, 2023 8:38 pm
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Evolution Continues, with Improved Fuel Efficiency – NEW SK140-10E & SK145XDLC-10E

In 2007, Kobelco India took industry by storm by introducing a 4-cylinder Japanese HINO engine with CRDi technology when majority 20-ton excavators were of 6-cylinder. Even after 15 years we are one of the leaders in fuel-efficiency in 20-ton. This established a new standard and cemented Kobelco’s reputation as a Japanese-made, fuel-efficient excavator. Continuing the same legacy, our Made-in-India 14-ton excavators were launched with Mitsubishi engine in the year 2015 and took customer experience to the next level.

Year 2023, we have taken yet another step in our 14-ton segment by introducing SK140-10E and SK145XDLC-10E in a new avatar with a world-renowned ISUZU Japanese Engine which is compact, lightweight, has high power to weight ratio and is globally well accepted.

It is a 4 cylinder, inline, water-cooled, dual overhead camshaft 16 valves, turbo-charged engine with Common Rail Direct Injection technology. Today, not many excavators in India comes with a CRDi technology. This cutting-edge technology will give Kobelco customers an advantage of better fuel efficiency with increased productivity. ISUZU Japanese engines are widely used and well recognized by customers across globe. It is sturdy, durable and fuel-saving, and is convenient for maintenance.
Our 14-ton excavators are already popular because of its stupendous fuel efficiency and high reliability, and now with the ISUZU engine, we can assure our customers of further savings through fuel advantage and low maintenance. These models incorporate Kobelco’s cutting-edge technology and have been specially developed to suit tough Indian applica-tions and conditions. These excavators are configured and manufactured keeping India-centric work conditions and customer needs in mind. Both models are true value-for-money products, pro-mising sustained returns on investment, in particular for the road, infra and utility segments. A genuinely versatile and stable machine, it is suited for a variety of urban and rural applications.

Kobelco uses unique hydraulic system controlled by mechatronics to deliver both high-powered output and lower fuel consumption. In line with Kobelco’s concept of robust construction machinery that will work long and hard on any site on the planet, the rugged body design and comprehensive reinforcements makes the machine more robust. As the 10th Generation model of Kobelco’s SK series, the SK140-10E and SK145XDLC-10E meets the needs of civil construction as well as of the toughest job sites with a performance that simply astounds. Few applications can be named like salt handling, rock breaking, brick kiln, metro underground excavation, rock quarry, trenching, rock cutting, tunnelling work, scrap handling and many other.

Although our cabin is safer for operators which means less fatigue and results in more productivity, it now comes with LED lights as a standard feature. We have a super-airtight cab which keeps dust out. Air conditioning system is equipped as standard for both SK140-10E and SK145XDLC-10E.

Our excavators have features like powerful travel system for easy transit over loose rocks, and highly reliable filtration system ensure higher machine performance. Coming to the maintenance part- maintenance work, daily checks, etc., can be done from ground level. Both models come with Geoscan, app-enabled aftermarket assistance, globally commu-nicative platforms, etc. The self-diagnostic features in our telematics (Geoscan) alert the support team via error codes so that they can address them even remotely. Geoscan allows you to use the Internet to manage information from your office or home for machines operating in all areas. The generated data from each machine is analysed into a sizable collection. Working on the insights, summaries and trends, the owners of the machines can improve the efficiency, usability, and maintenance of their equipment.

After-sales support is the most important pillar for CE industry. We believe the OEM providing the best service support gets an edge over its competitors. Kobelco as a brand is always a step ahead in terms of service and spare parts support. Apart from our products and other solutions we are backed by a countrywide dealer network, assuring robust tech support, ready availability of parts, and after-sales service – anytime, anywhere in the country.

There is a noticeable shift in procurement of equipment, especially in the road and infra segments. Customers are now looking at comprehensive packages to improve overall efficiency in their day-to-day operations and generate additional value for their businesses. Kobelco offers far-reaching solutions to complement sustainable road construction and infra-structure projects. Change is constant and this is what drives each of us. Kobelco follows the same philosophy. We keep on upgrading our products as per the growing demand of market and our customer requirements.

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