December 8, 2023 10:14 pm
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Mcon Rasayan India Ltd

Mr Nandan Pradhan
Executive Director,
Mcon Rasayan India Ltd

Mcon Rasayan India Ltd has got a wide range of concrete admixtures to suffice the ever changing needs of the Modern Construc-tion methods. Concrete admixtures are chemicals or additives that are added to concrete mix to enhance their properties or performance. They are used to improve the workability, durability, strength, and other characteristics of concrete.

The important range of Admixtures that Mcon Rasayan has in its bouquet are:
Water-Reducing Admixtures (SRP Range):
These admixtures are used to increase the workability of concrete without adding extra water. They can greatly reduce water content in the mix while maintaining the desired slump required. The major products are SRP 50 and SRP 100 which are mainly used for builder site mixes.

Workability-Retaining Slump Retainer Admixtures (Super Flow series):
Workability Retainers:
These admixtures are used to maintain the workability of concrete for longer periods, which can be beneficial in hot weather or when extended placement time is required. They are used for Ready mix concrete plants and batching plants. These range of admixtures are PCE based and are an ideal products to be used with Crushed sand.

Set-Accelerating Admixtures (Rapid range):
These admixtures speed up the setting and early strength develop-ment of concrete. They are useful in cold weather or when fast construction is required. They are used in the Paver industry and the precast industry like SRP Rapid.

Corrosion-Inhibiting Admixtures (CI series)
Corrosion Inhibitors:
These admixtures are used to protect embedded steel reinforcement in concrete from corrosion caused by exposure to aggressive environments such as seawater or de-icing salts. They work on the bipolar concrete penetrating type and hence helps to protect the reinforcement in the long run. These products like MCON CI 300 are mainly used in the coastal regions or under ground shafts and piling.

Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures (Super Add):
Shrinkage Reducers:
These admixtures reduce the drying shrinkage of concrete, minimizing the potential for cracking as the concrete cures and dries. The powder based product named SUPER ADD not only adds the plasticising effect but also creates shrinkage compensation to the cementitious mix.

Mcon Rasayan India Ltd

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