April 15, 2024 1:44 am
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Ambuja Cements Ltd(Unit – Dirk India – Nashik)

Launching New Environment Resistance Product.

Mr. Nitin Rajole
Technical Sales & QC Head
Ambuja Cements Ltd
(Unit – Dirk India – Nashik)

We at Ambuja Cements Limited Unit – Dirk India – Nashik is the only one Company in India having ISI Mark Fly Ash and more than 35 years’ experience in the Fly Ash Processing. Our Process Fly Ash is branded as Pozzocrete. We are supplying Pozzocrete to Construction industry as a partial replacement of cement in concrete. Pozzocrete can replace from 30 -70% of cement in concrete and improve concrete quality especially in parameter of workability, Strength, and Durability.
We are launching new environment resistance products –AAC Blocks, Ready Dry Mortars, and Plasters. Especially we are designing the premium products like Pozzo Cool Plast – External and Internal, Pozzo Cool Wall Blocks.

About Pozzo Cool Plast – External and Internal Plasters
The Pozzo cool Plast is specially design ready to use pre mixed mortar for Plasters. The Pozzo Cool Plast is made with Silica Quartz, Ultrafine Pozzolanic Material and Special characteristic Additives. This product is readily mixed easy to apply on bricks and blocks. We are using 2 MM silica quartz for the Pozzo Cool Plast External wall and 600 micron silica quartz for the Pozzo Cool Plast Internal Wall.

Salient Feature of Pozzo Cool Plast – External and Internal Plasters
The Pozzo Cool Plast is Water Proof Plaster. It has ability of the Heat Resistance and the Special benefit in the Thermal Conductivity. Polymerized Plaster – Performance enhancing special additives to provide non- sagging during higher thickness application. Ready to Mix- Only water to be added at site as per defined water mixing ratio for best performance. This Product can be easily applied on beam without any additives.

About Pozzo Cool Wall
The Pozzo Cool Wall AAC blocks is specially designed Blocks made with high quality of Fly Ash and Ultrafine Pozzolanic Material.
Salient Features of Pozzo Cool Wall
Pozzo Cool Wall is lighter in weight by 1-3 kg as compared to Normal Blocks. Pozzo Cool Wall Block has less Breakage in Manufacturing, Transportation and Handling. One day and Seven day strength of this product is very high as compared to normal blocks. The water absorption of Pozzo Cool wall Blocks is very low hence it gives water proof effect.

Ambuja Cements Limited
(Unit – Dirk India – Nashik)

Gut Number 348, Behind Nashik Thermal Power Station, Eklahare Village,
Tal. & Dist. Nashik 422105
Tel : 02532810896
Email : sales@dirkindia.com
Web : www.pozzocrete.co.in

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