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Aquarius Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

“Discover the Future: Aquarius Engineers Launches a slew of
new products!”

Mr. Tej Bhadbhade
General Manager
Aquarius Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

“As Aquarius Engineers marks over two decades in the industry, their journey is characterized by an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. Embracing new technologies, enhancing customer experiences, and persisting in innovation, they remain dedicated to shaping the construction landscape and contributing significantly to India’s infrastructural development.”

Can you elaborate on the recent product launches at the 12th edition Excon 2023?
The recent exhibition marked a significant milestone for our company. We unveiled five new products spanning across our product lines. showcasing our commit-ment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. Among the offerings were two truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, a new cutting-edge concrete batching plant series, and two new concrete line pumps that expanded our high pressure and electric series line-up. This unveiling was strategically aligned with the exhibition’s prominence, serving as a pivotal platform to demonstrate our technological prowess and present ground breaking solutions aimed at benefitting our esteemed clientele.

Compact Batching Plants X1 & X1.25

Could you delve into the features of your flagship concrete boom pump?
The 40 ZX is our revolutionary flagship concrete boom pump that boasts of top of the line features including a high performance hydraulic core system, a multitude of operator centric ergonomic features, and a deep focus on operator and machine safety, and telematics.

A powerful closed-loop hydraulic circuit with a built-in accumulator enhances the machine performance by facilitating rapid shifting of the boom and amplifies operational efficiency.

The incorporation of a centralized diagnostic display in the control panel provides the operators a centralized view of critical machine parameters, augmenting human-machine interaction.

A futuristic radio remote with a digital display puts the operator in complete control of the operations. This innovative addition allowed operators to monitor operations from a distance, ensuring enhanced safety and convenience. Our 40 ZX is a perfectly value engineered solution which will allow a wide audience to benefit by getting access to more flexibility in site operations. We have additionally launched our 37 ZX model which can also provide the same features.

Electric Concrete Pump (Vidyut) 1406 E

What distinguishes the newly launched concrete batching plant?
The unveiling of our new “X” series of concrete batching plants represented a significant leap forward in compact & efficient construction equipment. This series embodies our commitment to addressing market demands for smaller footprint solutions while excelling in performance.

Dubbed as the “X” series to symbolize exceeding our customer’s expectations, it focuses on minimizing site footprint while maximizing flexibility for operators. We have focused of emphasizing operator safety and minimizing dust emissions, which is the need of the market especially in metro and major cities. The X1 integrates various new technologies to enhance dust emission control and operator safety. The provides a 180° access to transit mixers and a promise to fit in tight site layouts. The series has been designed to minimize the transportation cost to the customer as well.

Concrete Boom Pumps 37 ZX & 40 ZX

How does your company plan to contribute to India’s construction industry in the coming financial year?
Looking ahead to the forthcoming financial year, our company envisions robust growth within the concrete segment. Our strategy revolves around aligning our product offerings with market demands.
We Now have large fleet of concrete line pumps that cater to all segments in the Indian industry. We have high pressure and high-rise series that caters to the ever-increasing Highrise segment. We have an electric series of machines that is growing demand in metro and major cities. We have the largest batching plant fleet of models in the industry that can cater to all types of customers. We have increased our range of concrete boom pump to serve all active segments. Through our machines we hope to contribute to a growing India by playing our part in providing robust, reliable, green and energy efficient solution in the concrete industry.

High Pressure Concrete Pump 1407 D HR+

How does participation in exhibitions like EXCON contribute to your company’s goals?
Participating in exhibitions like EXCON holds immense significance for our company’s growth trajectory. EXCON provides a pivotal platform, not just limited to showcasing our products to the Indian market but also attracting international visitors seeking innovation in the construction and concrete sectors. This exposure enables us to display our innovations, engage with a diverse audience of potential customers, and interact with industry experts, fostering collaborations and partnerships that drive our industry forward. We are a proud Indian engineering and manufacturing company and we are proud to offer our products to help built India and the world.

Aquarius Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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