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Asphalt Roof Shingles – The New Roof for India

IKO Asphalt Roof Shingles are Products which are now being widely used all over India and are used for superior weather protection that’s engineered to last decades. They also produce a complete line of high-quality accessory products that include ice and water protectors, underlayment, starter strips, hip and ridge cap shingles etc.
Architectural and traditional fiberglass shingles also come in different weights and limited warranty period lengths. Once you have decided on one of these styles of shingles, check the IKO Premium Roofing Products Catalogue, product brochure, or the IKO web site (www.iko.com) to determine the choices in warranty periods offered. A limited lifetime warranty is available with IKO Crowne Slate, Cambridge, Cambridge HD, Cambridge IR, Royal Estate and Armourshake architectural shingles. While architectural shingles may cost more than traditional 3-Tab shingles, it is important to remember that laminated architectural asphalt shingles may last longer*. Amortized over that length of time, the difference in price between Traditional 3-Tab shingles and upscale architectural shingles is less than you might think.

If you live in an area where algae discoloration is a concern consider our IKO Cambridge, Dynasty, Royal Estate shingles. These shingles contain a preservative to prevent discoloration by algae. You may also want to consider selecting a dark color shingle which is less likely to show the staining associated with algae discoloration.

Exclusive Importers for IKO & Decra Roof Systems for India

  • Ashbury International was founded in January 2012 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand -India and is now headquartered in Mumbai, India.
  • It has its business operations across India with its corporate office in Mumbai & Sales office & Warehouses in Mumbai, Kochi, Ludhiana and Dehradun.
  • It primarily Imports Roof Shingles from IKO Industries LTD. USA & Canada & is the exclusive Importer of IKO Industries Ltd. & Decra Roof Systems, Newzealand for India.
  • Ashbury International generated 6-7 million USD in revenue in 2023, growing at 25 % annually currently. It has undertaken more than 5500 projects in India in field of residential and commercial roofing.
  • Its vision is to sell innovative residential & commercial construction & building products and techniques in India and provide the best services possible to its clients.

Ashbury International
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