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Assess Build Chem Private Limited


Our core competency at Assess Build Chem Private Limited, is formulating, manufacturing, and assembling highly effective waterproo-fing systems to enhance the durability of structures. We focus on, Correct Materials, Correct Methodology, Trained Manpower, and Correct Machinery. In this way, we work with specifiers and applicators to deliver a defect free waterproofing system to the end-user. We follow a 5-Step waterproofing method that delivers success for any type of structure or area. These are:

Concrete Improvement: This step includes restoration of the surface to pristine condition to receive waterproofing. This includes using hydrophobic, or crystalline integral waterproofing additives such as our SS – ConProof CR in new concrete, SS – LeakProof, SS – NanoFill and SS – PolyBond Range of polymer additives for mortar and our SS – StructoCrete and SS – StructoRep Range of Polymer Repair mortars to repair and restore the surface.

Filling Cracks and Voids: This is normally achieved by cutting and patching with repair mortars or using Injection Grouting and helps to close water ingress pathways. Solutions such as SS – WaterStop FC Cementitious Grouts, SS – CrackSeal EP Epoxy Grouts, F. Willich, and Rascor Range of Polyurethane and Silicate Grouts and SS – WaterStop DPC Chemical for Heritage Structures help us to effectively seal water pathways.

Joints and Penetrations: The next step is to effectively waterproof corners, expansion joints, and construction joints, because these areas are most prone to leak first. Our Range of SS – JointSeal FT for Corner / Construction Joints, SS – JointSeal T1 for Expansion Joints, SS – JointSeal FT Membrane for Pipe Penetrations and MaxJoint W-Seal Swellable waterbars help to both repair and protect joints reliably.

Coatings and Waterproof Barriers: Once the surface, cracks and corners are prepared, we are finally ready to install the waterproof barrier. These barriers can be slurry applied crystalline systems from our SS – CrystoSeal Range, it can be cementitious flexible coating SS – SuperSeal Flex or ready-to-use mastic coatings SS – FlexProof AC [Acrylic], SS – FlexProof PU or SS – FlexProof PU (B) [Polyurethane].
Drainage and Protection: This is an important part of the waterproofing system that allows water to drain away from the waterproofed surface. This can be done by means of various mortars, screeds, or tiles. We provide a full range of additives for mortars and screeds such as SS – ConProof Range, SS – PlastProof IL and a superhydrophobic, breathable, ready to use mortar SS – HydroNil PM. Tiling can be done with our fully waterproof tile adhesives from our SS – TileFix Range.

Assess Build Chem Private Limited
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