July 24, 2024 8:29 am

Blue Energy Motors

Blue Energy Motors’ Green Trucks Surpasses 1 Crore Kilometres on Indian Highways

Prevented over 3000 Tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the yearly CO2 absorption by 1.2 lakh mature trees.

Blue Energy Motors, a pioneering green truck manufacturing company leading India’s green trucking revolution, announces a significant milestone as its fleet of BEM trucks crosses the landmark of 1 crore kilometres on Indian roads in various customer applications of India’s Fortune 500 companies.
The cumulative distance travelled by BEM trucks is not just a testament to their reliability and performance but also highlights the positive environmental impact of these vehicles. While covering over 1 crore kilometres, Blue Energy Motors has effectively reduced over 3000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to the environmental benefit provided by 1.2 lakh mature trees.

India’s trucking market is expected to grow four times larger by 2050 from 4 million trucks in 2022 to 17 million trucks, which will boost the nation’s economy and increase transportation emissions. With this projected growth, it’s crucial to ensure that green trucks contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable transport system. As per recent Niti Ayog report, LNG provides a compelling alternative to diesel trucks. It is expected that LNG HDV in total HDV sales per annum would reach 10 per cent by 2032. Green trucks produce near-zero tailpipe emissions and offer opportunities for long-term fuel cost savings, making them effective replace-ments for current diesel trucks. Hence, the Indian government is proactively adopting policies and developing infrastructure for swift adoption of clean energy trucks.

Commenting on this milestone, Anirudh Bhuwalka, CEO of Blue Energy Motors said, “Crossing the milestone of 1 crore kilometres is a significant achievement for Blue Energy Motors and a testament to the efficiency and reliability of our zero-emission trucking technology. The gover-nment of India has been encouraging the use of alternate fuelled Green Trucks and has been providing relentless support to streamline infrastructure for early adoption of LNG trucks. We are committed in this journey to provide a cleaner and greener environment by decarbonising heavy-duty trucking and mitigating the impact of transportation on climate change.”

Since its inception, Blue Energy Motors has been revolutionizing the transpor-tation industry in India by providing ecofriendly solutions that significantly reduce carbon emissions. Achieving this milestone underscores the company’s dedication to sustainability and its commitment to a cleaner, greener future for the nation.

Blue Energy Motors is disrupting the heavy-duty trucking industry by creating a clean alternative to decarbonize the environment by providing an immediate solution and breaking the barriers of economic returns. Its disruptive business model enables corporate customers to integrate next-generation truck techno-logy, LNG fuelling infrastructure and maintenance. By creating this ecosystem, Blue Energy Motors and its strategic business partners and suppliers are paving the way for zero-emission transportation and ushering in a green trucking revolution.

Blue Energy Motors
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