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Bunic Equipments

Introducing our latest innovation – a cutting edge machine powered by advanced battery technology. Experience unparallel portability and efficiency as this device seamlessly operates without the constraints of Engine power source, whether you’re on the go or in remote location, our battery powered machine ensures optimal performance, providing a reliable solution for your diverse need.

We are Thrilled to present our groundbreaking line of construction equipment, now power state-of-the-art battery technology, embrace a new era of efficiency and sustainability as our battery – Powered machines revolutionize construction sites. Experience the freedom of operation without compromising on power, ensure a greener, quieter, and more agile construction process. Elevate your projects with our innovative battery power construction equipments.

Our partners and Principles
M/s. Topp & Screed (T&S) is a manufacturer of professional concrete equipment, founded 2006 at Luxembourg – Topp & Screed is part of Twintec group of industrial flooring companies which is the leading producer of jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete flooring in the world, producing more than six million square meters of concrete industrial floor slabs every year.

Topp and Screed is a leading concrete equipment manufacturer since 2006 and got commercialised in 2017.
T&S delivers to its clients worldwide a wide range of Products and Services: Supply of new equipments.

  • Ts6100e Superflat Screed – 1” time in the world battery operated machine – walking behind
  • Ts6200e Superflat Screed – 1″ electric driven boom screed
  • Ts6000 Superflat screed – Regular diesel engine driven machine
  • Ts 4000 Fibre Integration Machine
  • TsSOOO Topping Spreader
  • Ts3000 Triple Float – 1” time in concrete industry
  • Mini Dumpers
  • Blast Machine
  • Refurbished Machine

Services Offer by T&S

General maintenance of concrete equipment

  • Worldwide assistance included in the maintenance agreement
  • A wide range of spare parts from stock and on request
  • Advise for preventive maintenance.
  • Helpdesk

Our New Products are

  • Battery Operated Ride on Trowel
  • Battery Operated Power Trowel or Walk Behind Power Trowel
  • Battery Operated Edge Trowel
  • Battery Operated Pole Trowel
  • Battery operated Pole Screed Machine
  • Battery operated Mini Hardener Spreader
  • Battery operated Laser Controlled Concrete Screed Machine – Topp and Screed
  • Triple Float from Topp and Screed Luxembourg
  • Fiber Integration machine of Topp and Screed Luxembourg

Bunic Equipments
Email : bbalaiah@bunicequipments.com

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