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RebarCAD detailing features include an extensive selection of bar ranges to suit every situation.

Whether you are detailing a flat slab, circular tank, bridge deck or abutment, you will find a detailing facility in RebarCAD to meet your needs.

RebarCAD comes complete with pre-defined shape codes, which based upon feedback from major consulting engineers and contractors, cover the majority of requirements. For shapes that are not included in the standard list there is an unlimited ‘user-definable shape code facility that provides a fast graphical definition within the drawing. New shapes created by you can be added permanently to the library for future use. It also includes a number of shapes to meet the extra requirements for seismic detailing to IS 13920:1993 Edition 1.2 (2002-03).

A variety of powerful RebarCAD Detailing Macros are available for stair flights, pile caps, pad footings and octagonal bases.
Such details can also be amended later with RebarCAD’s extensive reinforcement editing tools.

CADS have established a good working relationship with manufacturers of rein-forcement couplers. RebarCAD supports Ancon CCL, MacAlloy MSP, Lenton, Dextra and other leading coupler manufacturers.
Automatic Bar Bending Schedules (BBS)

An impressive aspect of CADS RC is the automatic always current bar scheduling which can be formatted the way you want using simple sorting, combining and segregation options. As each set of bars is detailed, CADS RC adds them to the internal schedule database automatically. CADS RC supports linear/non-linear boundary variations and can calculate and schedule all intermediate bars. Whatever the status of the drawing, you can be sure that your bar bending schedule is up-to-date, correct and available to be viewed on-screen at any time. You can use AutoCAD Layouts to create multiple drawings and schedules from a single, self-contained DWG file. As well as being customised for corporate presentation, schedules can also be sorted and compacted to a minimum number of pages.

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