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Mr. Parminder Singh Bhalla
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Maintaining the integrity and smoothness of flooring in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouses is paramount for the seamless operation of specialized equipment. Remedial grinding and targeted floor repairs are essential to ensure a level and safe surface for efficient material handling within confined spaces.

Remedial grinding focuses on rectifying irregularities and imperfections in the VNA flooring to ensure uniform flatness, critical for the safe operation of VNA forklifts and material handling equipment.


Assessment: Comprehensive assessment and floor flatness measurement are conducted to identify uneven areas and deviations from required flatness specifications.
Precision Grinding: Utilizing specialized grinding machinery equipped with diamond-grit heads, professionals precisely grind down high spots and level low areas to achieve the desired floor flatness.
Quality Control: Continuous monitoring and floor flatness testing during and after grinding ensure compliance with specified tolerances and standards.

Enhanced Safety: Flat flooring reduces the risk of accidents and enhances safety in VNA environments where operations are crucial.
Increased Efficiency: Level flooring facilitates the smooth operation of VNA equipment, boosting productivity and throughput in warehouse operations.
Floor Repairs and Methods
Concrete Patching: Damaged areas are repaired using specialized concrete patching materials to restore the surface and ensure uniformity.

Joint Repairs: Addressing damaged expansion joints or control joints that might affect the overall stability and flatness of the floor surface.
Surface Refinishing: Smoothening and refinishing damaged or rough areas to align with the rest of the floor.
Preventive Maintenance: Timely repairs prevent minor issues from escalating, preserving the floor’s integrity and minimizing operational disruptions.

Longevity and Durability: Effective repairs enhance the longevity of the flooring, reducing the need for extensive renovations in the future.

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