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Cora Windows

Excelling the art of window making

Mr. Sundip Kumar,
Director, Cora Windows

The boom in the fenestration industry is directly related to growth in the real estate industry and that is just the beginning of uPVC windows and doors. The segment has been exponentially growing for over a decade now and provided mounting enthusiasm of individuals towards uPVC windows in India, the segment is bound to offer incredible potential for premium products in coming times.

With the view of understanding how uPVC windows and doors are better than any other fenestration material we recently interacted with one of the dynamic leaders, Mr. Sundip Kumar, director of CORA windows. CORA is a manufacturer of premium grade luxury uPVC windows and doors. CORA uPVC windows and doors stand out among other fenestration brands for its superior insulation, enhanced security, longevity and extreme resistance to moisture, weather shifts, and thermal pressure.

While introducing us to the world of windows Mr. Kumar said that CORA offers the finest of casement, sliding, panoramic and custom design windows and doors. We are the preferred brand when it comes to premium windows and doors paneling, not only for our quality products but also for our innovative designs and the customization that we offer. Keeping up with the times, CORA products are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable.

He also specifically mentioned that not every window that is of uPVC is of highest of quality, it is very important to choose the right company that manufactures windows and doors specially designed and tested as per Indian climatic conditions and is expert in windows installation as well as post-sales services. On being asked how he places the brand among other competitors, Mr. Kumar said that For CORA quality is no doubt the first on the priority list, and so are the options such as customization & personalization that will be a driving force behind the brand preference. In addition, genuine and legitimacy of the material will play a vital role as customers are becoming more aware and informed on how various players in the market have used substandard products in the guise of uPVC. In short, quality, authenticity, and flexibility for customization will definitely be on the top of customers’ brand preference.

In pace with the current trends and growing demand in the market, CORA has launched automation of windows. Apart from the traditional uPVC windows and doors, CORA also offers automated retractable roof, glass louvres, flexible balcony enclosures and motorized vertical sliders. The brand also offers integrated blinds, Georgian bar and switchable glasses as an add on feature to enhance the aesthetic and security features. Mr. Kumar also said that CORA doesn’t just make windows but assets that accentuate your standard of living far beyond excellence.

Cora Windows
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