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Express Elevators’ PremiumHome Solutions

Mr. Savio Joseph – MD
Express Elevators Premium Home

Express Elevators is an leading name in Lift & Elevator Market. Can you brief us about its business activities.
Express Elevators has been at the forefront of transforming spaces and lives since last 51 years through innovative elevator solutions. We are not just an elevator company, but as a consultants, collaborators, partners in shaping vertical mobility. Our confidence in handling the most complex projects making us ultimate choice for elevators in India. We are one of the leading and the most preferred manufacturers, suppliers and erectors of elevators and escalators in Mumbai. Our design, installation, service and solutions as per the building type in worldwide. Express Elevators is a trusted name in the Elevator Segment and has achieved an outstanding reputation backed by superlative customer services.

Our success over the past 40 years has been based on our commitment to provide exceptional levels of challenging tasks and commitments that have been fulfilled in time. We give prime importance to the quality of relationship established and maintained with all our clients.

Most of our clients are repeat customers or are recommended through word of mouth, which is a testament to the level of quality we place on every project that undertake. We also draw knowledge and expertise of our team of experienced technical sales consultants, project managers, installers, service and maintenance administrators assisting you in every phase of your elevator order and installation process. We believe in constant innovation and extend the same to our clients across the country including latest technologies with quality standards, in our elevators has installed. Till the date we have manufacture and serviced more than 1500 lifts in india and abroad. We specialize in Integrated Vertical Transpor-tation Solutions and extend the same to our clients that range from Builders, Architects, Contractors, Developers, Corporate and Educational Institutions to Private Home Owners.

Being a reputed and well known brand in the Home Elevator Segment, We aims to provide quality products and services to clients with varied requirements and make things simpler for everyone who wishes to design or install an ELEVATOR.

What is your opinion about Lift & Elevators in India as far as your business is concerned.
Lifts and Elevators is a Necessity for Luxury life of people and it has growing post Covid being many people are working from home. Nowadays usage of lift and elevator is more time saving in day to day life.

Which are the segments your products catering for?
It is for Customized Home Elevators, Customized Passenger Elevators, Dumb Waiter, Inclined Elevators, Platform/ Wheelchair Elevators, Chair Elevators, Terry / Lifestyle Elevators.

What are the solutions your company is providing to the customers.
We provide advanced solutions, Comfort and Aesthetic Designs, Safety Standards, We customized as per Client needs and requirement. We offer AMC to all our client and our lift installation period stipulated given time period. We always try to ensure quality services to all our clients.

Can you brief us about the advantages of Products & services being offered by your company.
We experience the fusion of European crafts-manship and cutting-edge technology in our products and services. Our elevators concept originate from Europe, adhering to stringent norms and standards, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety. Elevate your expectations with Express Elevators, your partner in vertical mobility. We are having collaboration with MORIS, a renowned Italian Elevator Manufacturer, which ensures a comprehensive elevator system that defines luxury. The components which are been used in our elevator speaks of precision and quality that redefining the standards of home elevators. We experts try to breathe new life into outdated systems by ensuring enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Our expertise extends to consultancy, where we collaborate with Architects, Builders, and Contractors to shape visionary elevator designs. From concept to execution, we transform vision into reality, ensuring that every detail aligns with space’s Aesthetics and functional requirements. Elevate passenger confidence by upgrading your elevators with cutting-edge safety features.

From advanced control systems to emergency communication, we ensure elevators meet and exceed the highest safety standards. The usage of Elevators are more than transportation. We try to elevate the aesthetics of elevators with our custom interior solutions. From sleek and modern to luxurious and classic, our designs reflect unique style while enhancing the overall ambience. We offers yearly AMC for smooth and hassle-free maintenance of elevator system through monthly visit by the engineers to service the lift and quick response to any complaint within 3 hours.

Can you brief about your distribution network.
We are having pan India presence and branch office in Dubai as well.

Express Elevators’ Premium Home Solutions
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