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Fabex Steel Structures Pvt Ltd

Mr. I V Ramana Raju
Co- Founder and CEO
Fabex Steel Structures Pvt Ltd

Give a brief overview of the Roofing & PEB Industry.
Over the past few years, there has been a notable increase in the acceptance and utilisation of metal roofing and Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB) solutions across numerous sectors on a global scale. This widespread recognition can be attributed to several pivotal factors highlighting the industry’s adaptability, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness.

Tell us about your service offerings and their demand in the Indian Market.
FABEX Steel has firmly established itself as a premier solution provider, offering a comprehensive range of services from design to installation. Catering to diverse industries such as warehousing, sugar processing, aerospace, heavy manufac-turing, FMCG, electrical, food processing, and automotive, among others, our expertise extends across various sectors. In addition to our industrial services, we seamlessly transition into commercial and residential projects, providing end-to-end support from conceptualization to design, detailing, fabrication, and installation.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has fueled our rapid expansion into international markets, positioning us as quality leaders in our field. As we continue to grow, our unwavering focus remains on delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we maintain our esteemed reputation in the industry.

Do you have a Plan to launch new Products & services?
We are currently exploring multiple products, leveraging extensive market studies. I am sure this strategic approach is going to pave the way for the development and imminent launch of new products aimed at enhancing the value we deliver to our clients.

Detail us on the Cutting Edge techno-logical Innovation featured in your service.
Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest technology, enables us to consistently deliver products of the highest quality. The excellence of our output has garnered widespread appreciation from our customers, often leading to repeat orders as a testament to their satisfaction with our standards.

Tell us about the marketing base in India.
The industry is experiencing rapid growth, attracting significant investment from multinational corporations in India, bolstered by government support.
Projections suggest a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15%, indicating a steady annual increase in opportunities and market expansion.

Fabex Steel Structures Pvt Ltd
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