April 15, 2024 1:13 am
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Gilco Global Pvt. Ltd.

Gilco Global: Mobility solutions from daily convenience to emergency scenarios

In today’s fast-paced world, mobility is a crucial aspect affecting our daily lives. Whether it’s navigating tall buildings, moving swiftly through crowded spaces, or ensuring the safety of individuals in emergency situations, mobility solutions play a vital role. Gilco Global, a leading provider of innovative mobility solutions, offers a compre-hensive range of mobility solutions not only including elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, car elevators, industrial platforms and home lifts but also solutions which are relevant and render mobility to rescue operations in emergency scenarios including evacuation chairs which can be both manual and/ or powered and escape mattress that are used in hospitals to retrieve patients from operation theatre or ICU, etc. In a nutshell, mobility solutions enhance efficiency, convenience, and render safety in modern times. Gilco Global, through a wide array of solutions, boasts to be amongst limited companies who have the expertise in supporting its customers as a comprehensive mobility solutions partner. Furthermore, aligning with top international OEMs, Gilco Global renders latest and proven technology to its customers.

Our elevators are designed with cutting-edge technology, offering smooth and reliable vertical transportation in high-rise buildings. With advanced features such as intelligent destination control systems and energy-efficient designs, our elevators provide a seamless experience for passengers. The sleek and modern aesthetics of our elevator cabins add a touch of sophistication to any building, while their robust safety features ensure the well-being of users.

For efficient movement in public spaces, Gilco Global’s escalators are the perfect choice. These escalators combine durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for shopping malls, airports, and other high-traffic areas. With features like automatic speed control and advanced safety mechanisms, Gilco Global escalators ensure a smooth and secure journey for all users.

In emergency situations, the swift and safe evacuation of individuals is of utmost importance. Gilco Global’s emergency evacuation chairs and mattresses are specifically designed to aid the evacuation of people with limited mobility. These devices are portable, easy to use, and can be deployed quickly in crisis situations. The chairs and mattresses are equipped with features like sturdy construction, ergonomic design, and secure restraints, ensuring the safety and comfort of individuals during evacuation. These are highly efficient in scenarios where conventional mobility solutions cannot be used, for instance incase of a fire in a building with no access ramp, a powered chair and/ or Escape mattress can be used effectively to rescue people with impaired mobility who cannot use the fire staircase to exit the building.

What sets Gilco Global apart from other providers is their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Their mobility solutions are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and adhere to the highest international industry standards. Gilco Global’s team of experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional products that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Furthermore, Gilco Global offers comprehensive maintenance and support services, ensuring that their mobility solutions operate at peak performance throughout their lifecycle. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers provide timely maintenance, inspections, and repairs, minimizing downtime and maximizing the longevity of our products.

In conclusion, Gilco Global’s mobility solutions, including elevators, escalators, and emergency evacuation chairs and mattresses, are revolutionizing the way we move and ensuring the safety and convenience of individuals in various settings. With our focus is on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Gilco Global is a trusted partner for all mobility needs. Experience the difference with Gilco Global and elevate your mobility to new heights.

Gilco Global Pvt. Ltd.
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