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Gilco Global Pvt. Ltd.

Gilco Global – Reflexivity through adaptable technology

At Gilco Global, our commitment to customization extends far beyond mere claims. We believe in crafting an experience within our elevators that reverberates with our travelers beyond their journeys, ensuring that stepping inside is not just a ride, but a seamless transition between spaces. Our Pitless or Flexible elevators serve as more than just functional utilities—they are cultural canvases, reflecting the rich tapestry of diversity and excellence in technology, facets that also resonate with our brand philosophy.

In line with this philosophy, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge European technology into our elevators, redefining standards of efficiency and reliability. Even though we have a plethora of solutions which render flexibility to the designers and also make us stand out in the market, Pitless or Flexible Elevators (as they are called) are a revolutionary solution that helps re-imagine the building design by eliminating the conventional pits as are needed in conventional elevators otherwise. This not only streamlines construction processes but also reduces holistic costs, granting architects the freedom to create spaces that truly elevate the overall experience for the occupants.

Moreover, our elevators offer not just practical benefits but also aesthetic advantages. We have a huge range of finishing options ranging from scratch resistant neocompact laminates to strained colored and textured stainless-steel finishes so that one can design the cabin space coherent with their design requirements. Whether it’s sleek and modern designs or more traditional or ornate finishes, our elevators can be tailored to complement any style, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. This innovative design not only streamlines construction processes but also opens up new possibilities for architectural creativity. Moreover, these elevators can also be integrated in existing/ old buildings with no lift provision as these lifts, as in their name, are Flexible in their configuration and can be easily adapted to fit inside very small shafts spaces thereby making this solution truly ‘Bespoke’ for the designer or the end customer.

From luxurious finishes to bespoke configurations, each elevator is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted to complement the architectural vision of its surroundings. However, beauty is not merely superficial—our elevators are also equipped with advanced technology that optimizes energy efficiency, reduces operational costs, and aligns with sustainability objectives. The elimination of the pit simplifies the construction process, reducing both time and costs associated with excavation and pit construction. This not only benefits developers and construction teams but also accelerates project timelines, allowing buildings to be completed more efficiently. The streamlined construction process contributes to overall project sustainability by minimizing resource consumption and environmental impact.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, our Flexible elevators are poised to shape the skylines of cities worldwide, ushering in a future where mobility is seamless, efficient, and accessible to all.

Gilco Global Pvt. Ltd.
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