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Huliot Pipes And Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

Huliot Group is a global leader in advanced flow systems for commercial & residential buildings, bringing complete solutions that cover water supply, wastewater, & infrastructure. We design, manufacture & market a full range of products that work together in harmony, to deliver a seamless and silent water flow experience, while respecting the environ-ment & keeping it clean.

Huliot India delivers advanced flow systems for commercial and residential buildings. The company’s products deliver a seamless and silent water flow expe-rience while respecting the environment and keeping it clean. Huliot India’s mission is to create a consistent, quiet water flow for end-users in their homes, at work, and in commercial and public buildings, through the delivery of reliable, sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions.

Huliot India offers a range of product lines that include wastewater systems, water supply systems, sewage treatment systems, and fire protection networks. The company’s popular products in the wastewater drainage systems category are UltraSilent Acoustic Drainage Piping Systems, HT PRO Drainage Piping Systems, and SmartLock – Ratchet lock domestic pipes and fittings drainage system.
In the water supply systems category, Huliot India offers Green PP-R, Multilayer pipe with Brass fittings, ZENWELD- Induction welding technology for hot and cold-water fitting systems, and Stainless Steel 316L Conex Bänninger’s B< Press Inox. The RedFire PPR piping system is in the fire protection networks category, having FM and AENOR approval.

Huliot India’s ClearBlack STP is a sewage treatment system that recycles wastewater using MBR STP, enabling efficient water management. It can also be converted into Solar Hybrid STP and leverage insights using IoT.

Mr. Miki Kedem, CEO of Huliot India; envisions transforming the real estate landscape of India by pioneering green and sustainable plumbing solutions utilizing polypropylene (PP) materials. Our mission extends beyond construction to address India’s pressing water challenges through the integration of sewage treatment plants (STP), ensuring a future where every development embodies environmental responsibility, water conservation, and public health.

By championing innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to excellence, we aspire to lead the transition towards a greener, more resilient, and water-secure India and elevating commu-nities into Healthy and Happy Homes for lifetime.

Huliot Group – It’s all about TRUST!
Reliability in products and solutions
Relationships professionalism that delivers expertise and places customers in the center

Responsibility where ethical, social and environmental values are an integral part of our what drives our business.

Huliot Pipes And Fittings Pvt. Ltd.
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