July 24, 2024 7:39 am

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Jogani Reinforcement’s Mahesh Kumar Jogani Receives Prestigious Award from India’s Road and Transportation Minister, Nitin Gadkari

Renowned reinforcement innovator, Mahesh Kumar Jogani, was recently graced with the prestigious Award by India’s Road and Transportation Minister, Shree Nitin Gadkari, in a high-profile event that was held in Nagpur. Renowned celebrities and dignitaries attended the star-studded event.

Speaking at the event, Mahesh Kumar, director, Jogani reinforcement, expressed his gratitude. He said, “Our brand is committed to providing economical yet effective solutions to commercial and residential construction projects. Jogani Plaster Mesh is very useful for RCC- Masonry Joints and Concealed area to control cracks and increase quality, durability of building. Waterproofing mesh is very popular among water-proofing contractors and engineers. All Jogani products helps for maintenance free construction by reducing maintenance I and my team is dedicatedly working to develop products and technologies that will ensure sustainable development and eco-sensitive practices within the industry. Our products such as Jogani plaster mesh and Jogani waterproofing mesh are designed to protect against Cracks and water seepage and moisture-related damages.” He further stated that Jogani fibre glass meshes not only prevents cracks and ensure the structural integrity of buildings but also will lead to a reduced carbon footprint and curtail industry waste. The result thus aligns with his principles of sustainable development.

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