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Kanodia Group

Kanodia Group makes a mega entry in real estate; targeting investments of more than INR 5000 Cr by 2028

Renowned for excellence in Cement industry, Kanodia Group poised to expand into real estate

Mr. Gautam Kanodia
Co -Founder
Kanodia Group

In a strategic move, Kanodia Group, a distinguished business conglomerate, has announced its ambitious foray into the real estate sector. The company has unveiled plans to venture into both residential and commercial segments. Beyond its established presence in cement, hygiene, and building solutions, Kanodia Group is now poised to transform the Indian real estate sector with its upcoming projects.

Looking into the upcoming boom in Real Estate Sector, Kanodia Group’s signature real estate venture will reflect its dedica-tion to creating world-class residential and commercial spaces. In its pursuit of setting a benchmark for international quality projects in the Indian real estate sector, Kanodia Group’s commitment is underscored by its innovative approach.

The Group aims to bring innovative and modern designs to its projects, setting them apart from traditional offerings.

Kanodia Group is particularly recognized for its stronghold in the cement industry. As a leader in the cement industry for over 30 years, Kanodia Group recognizes the burgeoning demand for urban housing and commercial developments. To fulfil this high demand, the Group is set to make a significant impact in the real estate sector with its strategic entry.

Sharing his commitment to bring about a sizeable difference in the real estate sector, Mr. Gautam Kanodia, Co -Founder, Kanodia Group said, “With a strong foundation in allied sectors, we are committed to bringing our expertise and commitment to excellence to the real estate sector. Our mega entry into real estate, targeting to invest more than INR 5000 Cr by 2028, aligns with our vision of contributing to the nation’s growth and development. We aim to invest this amount for the acquisition and develop-ment of state-of-the-art residential and commercial projects. Initially focusing on projects in NCR, we aim to expand our real estate footprint to other regions as well.”

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