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Mr. Chetan Bhanushali
Sales Director,
Mcon Rasayan India Ltd

What is the modern age construction material that you would consider as the top selling product of Mcon Rasayan?
Mcon Rasayan India Ltd. Is in the business of manufacturing, marketing and selling of modern building materials and construction chemicals with a suite of more than 80 products. We have many innovative products to talk about but the top selling I would say are our range of Tile Adhesives which are the need of modern construction.

Why are tile adhesives needed in the modern construction? What technological changes are there in fixing of tiles?
As we all know that flooring adds the charm and beauty to every room in your home. Therefore, the most commonly used material for flooring is the tile. The tile thickness is decreasing and also the size of tiles is increasing. Due to this change in tile specifications, it is important to use some specialised material to fix the tiles. Mcon Tile Adhesive range is the perfect solution for such needs.

How can we select the tile adhesive? What are the factors which determine which adhesive to use?
Tile adhesive are differentiated as per the IS standards – IS 15477 in 5 major types viz Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 and Type 5.
Type 1 Adhesive – Mcon Mortar
This adhesive is suitable mainly for most of the clay and ceramic (non-vitrified) tiles of small dimension (size not more than 300 mm x 300 mm) and the majority of cement-based backgrounds (substrates) like cement plaster, cement concrete, cement screed, etc, and for interior dry area applications only. Mcon Mortar falls in this category and can also be used for fixing 600mm x 600mm tiles on floors also.

Type 2 Adhesive – Mcon NSA Grey
This adhesive is suitable mainly for tiles with an apparent porosity less than or equal to 3 percent. It is suitable for vitrified/fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, all stones, dense and large dimension (More than 300 mm × 300 mm size) tiles and stones (slabs). This type of adhesive is recommended for both interior floor and wall applications, and for exterior floor applications. These are also used for Tile on Tile applications. Mcon NSA Grey is used for these type of tiles upto the size of 600 mm x 600 mm
dado tiling.

Type 3 Adhesive – Mcon NSA Grey Gold
This adhesive is suitable mainly for tiles and stone tiles on exterior wall substrates like plaster or concrete. It is suitable for tiles like ceramic, clay tiles, basalt tiles vitrified, glass mosaic tiles and porcelain tiles and all-natural stone tiles. It is suitable for vitrified/fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, all stones, dense and large dimension (More than 600 mm × 600 mm size) tiles.

Type 4 Adhesive – Mcon NSA Grey No Limit
This adhesive is suitable mainly for tiles and stone tiles which are included in Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 but intended for installation on dry wall board substrates. It is suitable for all types of tiles and stones to be installed on external surfaces at heights and also on heavy stone cladding. Mcon NSA Grey No Limit can be used for such applications where heavy duty stones have to applied on the external walls.

Type 5 Adhesive – Mcon SMART BOND PU
This adhesive is suitable for all types of tiles including engineered stones (manufactured stones) which are intended for installation on glass or metallic substrates like, grid iron, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper, etc. It is suitable for metal tiles, glass tiles, engineered stones or for all types of tiles and stones to be installed on different cement-based substrates like cement screeds, plaster, concrete, drywall boards like gypsum boards, plywood, wood, metals composite boards, modified backer boards and the metallic substrates.

Can you sum up the advantages of using Tile Adhesives instead of Cement for fixing the tiles?
There are various advantages of using tile adhesives. Some of them are given below:

  • Tile adhesive is very easy to use in laying the tiles.
  • You can instantly use them after mixing with water. Therefore they reduce your plenty of time.
  • It prevents the shedding of tiles.
  • It helps in protecting the crazing or bending of the tiles.
  • Due to the optimum setting time of the tile adhesives, the tiles can be easily adjusted in a certain duration of time.
  • It provides full spread on the back of the tiles by using them with a notched trowel.
  • It reduces many problems such as water seeping break down of tiles; stain and various others.

The days of using a sand and cement based mortar for installing tiles is gone. While it may seem low cost at the initial stage but the reality is that these are outweighed heavily by the convenience, quality, versatility, and lower labour costs.

Any message for our readers?
If you are browsing for the right kind of tile adhesive, then we at MCON RASAYAN INDIA LTD. are ready to help you in providing the premium quality products. Our main priority is to provide top-class quality products to our clients and customers so that they can get what they are looking for. We have strived a lot to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. If you want to ask any query related to this, then you can ask without any hesitation as our experts are highly qualified and have rich experience that provides you proper guidance.

Mcon Rasayan India Ltd.
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