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NCL Buildtek Ltd

We Provide End-to-End Window Solutions, from Designing to
Installing, at the Site”

Dr. Satya Subram
Executive Director,
NCL Buildtek Ltd

Please provide an overview of NCL Buildtek’s journey and how it has evolved over the past 30+ years in the construction and building materials industry.
NCL Buildtek Ltd is a part of NCL Group and comprises Alltek spray plasters and Seccolor galvanised steel windows. Over a period of time, the product portfolio expanded to various other building materials like AAC Blocks, Dry- Mix Mortars and Tile Adhesives, uPVC windows & doors, Aluminium windows & doors & ABS doors. Today, NCL Buildtek Ltd Buildtek comprises four successful business verticals:

  • NCL Coatings Putties, Textures, Emulsion Paints
  • NCL Windoors Colour-Coated GI windows, ABS Doors, uPVC Doors & Windows, and high-end Aluminium Windows & doors.
  • NCL Wall Solutions AAC Blocks, Dry- Mix Cement Mortars, Tile Adhesives
  • NCL Services: Installation Services of doors and windows

Can you share some insights into the variety of aluminium window designs and customisation options that NCL Buildtek Ltd offers to meet different architectural and aesthetic requirements?
We provide end-to-end solutions, from designing to installing, at the site.
The range of products includes noninsulated and thermally insulated sliding, casement systems, slide and fold systems, slim series and railings. The below table elaborates more on our Alluro range.

Could you discuss the company’s strategies for expanding the market share of its aluminium window products and the support it provides to its dealer-distributor network in this regard?
NCL Buildtek Ltd. is the largest window supplier in the Indian market especially in Galvanised steel and uPVC windows. At present, we are concentrating on south, and west markets for aluminium windows in technical collaboration with the world’s best system suppliers Schueco, Germany and have huge plans to expand in pan India with a different range of products. As of now system aluminium is having good acceptance in high-rise buildings and villa markets, especially in metros. The acceptance is increasing in B towns also and we are appointing franchisees in almost all major cities for our NCL Alluro range of products.

How does NCL Buildtek Ltd. ensure the quality and innovation of its products, and what role does R&D play in maintaining a strong product offering?
When your homes speak your life and style, it makes better sense to ensure the right windows and doors find a place in your home thus elevating the ambience to a new high. The finest aluminium profiles transform into beautiful pieces of art in the hands of master craftsmen who blend appealing design and technology to create masterpieces that truly enhance your home interiors and exteriors.
NCL Buildtek Ltd. has an exclusive in-house R& D team, has a legacy of over 30 years in the fenestration industry, mastered in optimising the designs to enhance home interiors and usage of the right hardware for various client applications. We do have in-house online powder coating and we offer a warranty on powder coating also.

In what ways has NCL Buildtek Ltd. innovated within the aluminium window product category to address the evolving needs and preferences of customers in the construction industry?
NCL Alluro systems are designed to increase comfort, aesthetic appeal, and efficiency in maintenance, insulation and protection. Moreover, there is a lot of ease in fabricating NCL Alluro systems. The need of the hour based on the customer’s feedback are slim and energyefficient systems and NCL Alluro systems are designed to meet or exceed the customer expectations. The challenge in the con-struction industry is the timely execution of projects and with our inhouse trained installation teams and authorised franchisee teams across India, NCL Buildtek Ltd & its sub-brands exceed their customer expectations.

NCL Buildtek Ltd.
Web : www.nclbuildtek.com

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