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Nibav Lifts Private Limited

Mr. Vimal Babu R
Nibav Lifts Private Limited

Can you share more about your journey as an entrepreneur and how your family’s entrepreneurial background influenced your decision to start Nibav Home Lifts at such a young age?
My journey as an entrepreneur was deeply influenced by my family’s entrepreneurial legacy. Growing up, I witnessed their dedication and business acumen, which inspired me to launch Nibav Home Lifts at a young age (He smiles). This background instilled in me a passion for innovation and customer-centric solutions. With their support and the invaluable lessons I learned, we’ve successfully created a company known for quality and design excellence in the home lift industry.

Considering Nibav’s global presence, how do you ensure that the company’s values and commitment to quality are maintained across diverse cultures and markets?
At Nibav, we establish a unified corporate culture by fostering open communication and cultural understanding. Also, we make sure that all of our quality control procedure takes ample measures and is standardized globally, assuring consistency in product excellence. It is mentionable that Nibav’s leadership maintains a hands-on approach, actively engaging with regional teams to reinforce our values. We have seen this approach fostering a harmonized, high-quality brand experience that resonates with diverse cultures and markets.

With a workforce of 2200 people across 12 countries, how do you foster a collaborative and innovative company culture within such a diverse team?
Fostering a collaborative and innovative company culture across 12 countries with 2200 employees requires a strategic approach. Regular virtual town halls ensure a shared vision and understan-ding. Our open-door policy encourages diverse perspectives, fostering innova-tion, and our collaborative platforms and project-based teamwork break down geographical barriers, enhancing communication. By embracing diversity and providing avenues for collaboration, Nibav cultivates a dynamic company culture that fuels innovation and unity across our global workforce.

Could you elaborate on the unique features and benefits of Nibav’s home lift products that cater specifically to the preferences of luxurious lifestyle-living homeowners?
Our lifts seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with exquisite design, offering a bespoke experience. Customizable interiors, premium materials, and whisper-quiet operation redefine our product’s elegance. Smart-home integration ensures convenience, while our commitment to safety and reliability surpasses industry standards. Exclusive features such as panoramic views and spotless cabin finishes elevate Nibav’s lifts to artful elements of luxury living.

Having launched the home lift business in 2019, how has the market response been, and what strategies has Nibav employed to ensure the success and popularity of its home lift products internationally?
Since our 2019 launch, the market response to Nibav’s home lifts has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting in robust international demand. So far, our success has stemmed from a multifaceted approach—strategic global partnerships, targeted marketing campaigns, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. With the clever usage of digital platforms available and showcasing real-life testimonials, we’ve built trust and brand recognition.

India is a significant market for Nibav. How do you see the business prospects in India, particularly targeting traditional households where home lifts might be a novel concept?
India holds immense potential for Nibav Home Lifts. As we expand into this market, our focus is currently on raising awareness about the benefits of home lifts, especially among traditional households. We believe our air-driven home lifts can fit any home interior and enhance the overall look of the house. By addressing the unique challenges and by offering convenience, we aim to make home lifts a common and appreciated feature in households across the country.

Given your vision to build vibrant global businesses from India, what role do you see Nibav playing in contribu-ting to India’s leadership in the global business ecosystem?
Nibav envisions itself as a torchbearer in India’s journey towards global business leadership. I believe our commitment to work and anything that we have to offer our customers, positions us as a global player from India. By showcasing our ability to create world-class products and compete on the global stage, we are moving towards our dream of contribu-ting to India’s reputation as a hub for entrepreneurial excellence, boosting the nation’s standing in the global business ecosystem.

Can you share some insights into the research and development initiatives at Nibav, especially in the context of customizing solutions to meet the unique needs and preferences of homeowners and customizing existing spaces as well?
At Nibav, research and development are at the heart of our innovation. We are committed to tailoring solutions to meet the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners. Our R&D initiatives focus on creating customizable, space-efficient air-driven home lifts that seamlessly integrate with existing spaces. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and design, we empower homeowners to personalize their living environments, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Nibav Lifts Private Limited
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