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Pennar Pre Engineered Building System

Mr. Nataraj Money
CEO – PEB & Structures
Pennar Industries Ltd

What is the USP of PEB services offered by the Pennar Pre Engineered Building Systems?
Pennar offers a high degree of customization to meet specific project requirements. We provide a range of design options, allowing clients to tailor the building to their unique needs in terms of size, layout, and functionality. We come up with unique solutions and suggestions to meet the client requirements. We adhere to stringent quality control measures during the manufacturing process. We also ensure that the structures comply with relevant building codes and safety standards. This commitment to compliance helps provide peace of mind to the clients regarding the safety and regulatory aspects of the project.

What are the various challenges of your sector and how do you tackle them?
The industry is currently facing challenges in the working capital due to the credit it has to offer to the customers but similar credit facility is not being extended by the raw material suppliers.

Any project highlight you would like us to let know?
Pennar takes prides in managing nume-rous significant projects, consistently embracing challenges, and delivering foolproof solutions to our clients.

We take great pride in overseeing a remarkable project: the construction of a 99-meter clear span building for Ultratech Cement Ltd. in Kotputli, Rajasthan. This project marks a significant milestone as India’s first of its kind handled by a PEB company. The structure is celebrated as an engineering marvel. The efforts were appreciated by the fraternity in the form of INSDAG. We were conferred awards by INSDAG & by Ultratech Cement Limited themselves for the safety and execution of this project.

We’ve been involved in several noteworthy projects, such as constructing a warehouse for IOT (Indian Oil Tanking) Infrastructure & Energy Services Ltd, serving ONGC OPAL. The building is of 1 km in length & single largest building. We have even successfully contributed to the Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad. This structure has 4 arrangements having 68 Mtrs clear span and each weighing nearly 105 MT lifted all at once having no internal columns. Curved trusses are used for joist locations to get curved roof. Our contributions also extend to constructing India’s inaugural IKEA Building in Hyderabad. Furthermore, we successfully managed the construction of the intricate commercial project, Phoenix Trivium, located in Hyderabad.

Where shall we find the Pennar Pre Engineered Building System three years from now?
We see Pennar Industries as capitalizing on emerging trends in construction and infrastructure development. We plan to introduce new and innovative PEB solutions to meet evolving customer demands. We expect to invest in research and development to enhance manufac-turing processes and product quality and implement measures to improve opera-tional efficiency and reduce production costs. By adopting such measure we want to achieve a growth of CAGR 34% in both topline and bottom line.

Are you planning to increase manufacturing facility in coming years.
We have established our roots in Southern & Western part of India. To enhance our presence in Northern & Eastern part of India, we are establishing a new plant at Raebareli near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh which is spread across 14 acres of land with a capacity of 30,000 MT/Annum. Expected to be fully operational by April 2024, this facility marks our expansion into the North region.

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