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PSP Dynamic Limited

PSP uPVC uses advanced German technology and meets British and Indian standards

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is the key to unlocking a future where the earth’s legacy is preserved for generations to come.

Mr. S.K. Srivastava
PSP Dynamic Limited

Green technology is increasing, lowering production costs and producing less or no waste in manufacturing. Green technology reduces production costs by utilising optimal resources most efficiently and has a smaller carbon footprint, which means a healthier environment.

PSP keeps the technical staff involved in our manufacturing process up to date and prepares them for the efficient use of technology so that they can use it effectively. We prioritise regular training to help us improve our production team’s skills while fostering a positive work culture that encourages employees to work with joy and happiness.

Our R&D department is fully equipped with the latest instruments and technology, and our testing staff is well-qualified and ready to meet any testing and product quality challenges. Product testing allows us to improve our product quality while also ensuring that our product quality remains consistent.

In PSP, our customer is king, and we want to give him the best products, like uPVC profiles, uPVC and aluminium doors and windows, and green electrical wire, at a sustainable cost with the most durability.

We provide our customers with the best warranty and guarantee in our industry. Apart from security, we always ensure our customers receive products with zero faults. Our manufacturing process, testing facility, quality control, and logistics help us meet a high standard and timely delivery.

Our uPVC profile, backed by the latest German technology and in compliance with British and Indian standards, is the market leader and one of the most trusted brands in this field. Our green electrical wire business is growing daily, and we are leaving a strong mark in this segment. PSP will be the most trusted electrical and cable brand in the coming years.

Trust in the PSP brand and assurance of high-quality products are critical factors in customer acceptance. Our eco-friendly uPVC profiles and green electrical wires and cables are widely accepted in the construction segment. Prominent government departments and big, iconic private builders nationwide use them. We have successfully executed so many projects across the country.

Finally, we assure all of our customers that the PSP brand will become more environmentally friendly in the coming years and will do everything possible to contribute to the conservation of our planet. So that our future generations may enjoy its natural legacy and be healthy and happy because “the earth is what we all have in common.”

PSP Dynamic Limited
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