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PSP Dynamic Ltd.

PSP is ready for summers

Mr. B. K. Srivastava
Managing Director
PSP Dynamic Ltd.

“PSP” crafts its product season friendly. Heat wave is going to start in all northern part of country. The role of doors and windows is on test that how much they are ready for this heat wave. In PSP we always guaranteed that our uPVC doors and windows will provide you the same comfort and pleasure as you feel in winters or rainy seasons. Brand PSP proves its usefulness in all seasons by providing high quality extruded multi chambered uPVC profile with best in class which provide UV-resistant, energy saving, fire resistant & low maintenance product to its customers.

RoHS compliance are always in our mind as it’s the most important to save our earth for our coming generations. PSP always ensure that every window must be environment friendly in all respect so that our users must feel comfort during its long life. Energy saving feature become most important in summer seasons as we all are bound to use air conditioner, its reduce not only electricity bill but also its reduces the carbon emission which generates from air conditioners.

PSP in house team of research and development which is headed by our M.D. sir Mr. B.K. Srivastava, ensures that on regular basis we develop and deliver best quality seasons friendly product to our customers, our core focus are in R&D is durability, user friendly, aesthetic look and besides all we always keep our cost low for customers, as we believe “Quality is not act…it is a habit”.

PSP is ready for delivering products which help you out to get read of from heat waves by using special DGU glass with one side reflective glass, best in class hardware for easy and smooth functioning, UV resistant uPVC profile, and last but not least perfect installation at customers site to ensure its best uses for them.

Our dedicated & professional sales team is ready to provide you best uPVC doors & windows solution to you …Are you ready to grab it.

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