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Rajuri Steels and TMT Bars

Inauguration of India’s Leading TMT Bar Manufacturer Rajuri Steel’s State-of-the-art MeltingShop and Rolling Mill Facility

Mr. Kailash Loya, Managing Director, Rajuri Steels and TMT Bars

Rajuri Steel- one of the most diversified TMT steel bar manufacturers, continues with a three decades legacy as a leading TMT bar manufacturing company in India. On April 28, 2023, the company inaugurated a new ambitious 25-acre greenfield facility located at Jalna, Maharashtra with an installed production capacity of 75000MTPM. The newly inaugurated production plant is equipped with a fully advanced no-twist rolling mill, ultramodern equipment, a pollution control system, and cutting-edge technologies of global benchmarks.
The inauguration of the new plant was done by Smt. Ruchika Chaudhry Govil (Additional Secretary, Ministry of Steel) and Hon’ble MP Raosaheb Patil Danve (Union Minister of State for Railways, Coal and Mines). The event was also graced by the presence of Mr. Subhash Kumar (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Steel), Mr. R. P. Gupta (Director, Ministry of Mines), Dr. Anupam Agnihotri, and Mr. R. N. Chouhan (JNARDDC), and many other prominent personalities.

“India is one of the most influential markets with tremendous growth opportunities. With constant innovation and ultra-modern technologies, we will continue to push our boundaries to deliver top-notch products to our customers and build a stronger nation”, opined Kailash Loya, Managing Director, Rajuri Steel.
“With the opening of our new flagship state-of-the-art and technologically evolved manufacturing plant, we have developed our capability to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers in the market with our high-impact products. We are excited to bring increased value to our customers and this expansion of horizons will enable us to further drive profitable growth”, added Kaustubh Loya, Director, Rajuri Steel.
Talking more about the technological development brought in the new manufacturing facility, it incorporates technological innovations in terms of safety, environment, and improved industrial performance where, with increased manufacturing capacity, continuous and invincible action by producing value-added products, Rajuri Steel is prepared for steady growth in the market and customer satisfaction.

Rajuri Steel, established in 1991, is an industrial pioneer and at present the only manufacturer of corrosion resi-stance TMT steel bars in Maharashtra.
Rajuri Steel is taking the lead in the steel sector through continuous and invincible action by producing an enormous range of value-added products like; Rajuri 500, Rajuri 500D Plus, Rajuri 550, Rajuri 500TMX, Rajuri Actual Fe550, Rajuri 550D Plus, Rajuri 550 CRS, Rajuri Ringer Stirrups, Rajuri Binding Wire, Rajuri Nails which are known for the highest strength, flexibility, ductility, durability, benda-bility, weldability, superior bonding strength, fire, corrosion, and anti-seismic resistance properties, and many more features.
Rajuri Steel has implemented the German Thermex Cooling technology, which is a safer factory implementation and a proven technology trusted by civil and structural designers for the quality of the TMT bars.
By continually embracing higher standards and cutting-edge technology, delivering stronger and more ingenious products, and ensuring quality Rajuri Steel has been able to cater to the requirements of infrastructural, commercial, industrial, and residential projects and won the trust of homeowners, builders, engineers, etc.

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