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Sanghvi Movers Limited

Mr. Rishi Sanghvi
Managing Director,
Sanghvi Movers Limited

At Sanghvi Movers Limited (SML), we take pride in being recognized as the 6th largest crane rental company globally and Engineering, Procurement and Construction service provider for the Wind and Infrastructure industry in Asia.

Established with a vision in 1989, SML made its presence felt, setting the stage for a remarkable journey of growth and achievement. From its initial public offering and listing on major stock exchanges to securing monumental projects across the nation SML, reaffirms its commitment to industry leadership and unparalleled service delivery.

Amidst these triumphs, SML remains committed to quality and operational excellence. This commitment is further reinforced by recent endeavours like the diversification into EPC-Wind & Project, signalling the company’s proactive approach to exploring new avenues for growth. Driven by experienced engineering team, cutting-edge technology, best safety practices and regional presence enables us to adapt swiftly to varying project demands, regulatory environment and cultural nuances.

Acknowledging the importance of a thriving workplace, SML was honoured with the Most Preferred Workplace award, a testament to its dedication to fostering an environment where talent thrives and innovation flourishes. As the company continues to evolve and expand its horizons, it remains dedicated to shaping the industry’s future and delivering exceptional value to its stakeholders.

About Rishi Sanghvi:
Rishi Sanghvi is the Managing Director of Sanghvi Movers Limited (SML) & son of SML founder Late Mr. C.P. Sanghvi. A dynamic and young business leader, Rishi’s commitment to his work is unparalleled. His admiration for his father, Mr. C.P. Sanghvi, fuels his passion to uphold and evolve his father’s legacy in a manner that reflects his own unique approach and vision.

As the Managing Director of Sanghvi Movers Limited (SML), Rishi Sanghvi assumes the pivotal role of steering the organization’s sales analytics, strategic initiatives, technological advancement, and overall growth. Rishi is passionate about renewable energy which is reflected in the company’s track record of erecting more than 15 GW of wind turbines in the last decade.

He has a MBA focused in Finance from Cornell University and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition to his role as Managing Director, Rishi Sanghvi serves as Co-Chair of the National Council on Logistics for ASSOCHAM, is a member of the CII WR Sub-Committee on Infrastructure and Real Estate. He is also an active member of Young Presidents Organization and Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Sanghvi Movers Limited
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