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Simta Clear Coats Private Limited

Mr. D. Sampathkumar
Simta Clear Coats Pvt. Ltd.

What is the USP of windows profiles offered by Simta Clear Coats to the Indian market.
The profiles are well compounded with chemicals of high grade, imported from fortune 500 companies across the globe. It has a special tropical mix to withstand the severity of climatic conditions that is prevailing in different zones of the country.
The profiles are very much indigenous suitably priced for Indian economic conditions. The wide range of profiles are available in both white and laminated variance.
What is the Prevailing market condition for your sector and what are the forecast for the future.
We observe an exponential growth in the construction industry with a technical advancement. This has led to the acceptance of uPVC as door and window application. We anticipate a growth of 35% to 40% from our previous production history which is an approximate load of 1500 tons of uPVC profiles every month getting converted to Windows and Doors across the country.

We also see a large scope of development in the international market for our profiles. Hence our business expansion are planned towards attracting the global market.
What are the various challenges of your sector and how do you tackle them.
The main challenge is the cheap Chinese profiles which is affecting the quality of the product through the unauthorized fabricators who doesn’t have the knowledge of good fabrication and installation of Windows and Doors.
We have created professional team members to handle the technical part in the way to match with International Standards. We have regular audits and training system to educate our fabricators to produce quality Windows and Doors.
We also ensure that installation of Windows and Doors are also conducted as per the technical standards. We opt through our well groomed marketing officials to educate about the quality of raw materials being used for manufacture of profile systems and the importance of chemical composition and its characteristics.

Any recent technological marvel in your segment which you would like to share with us.
We have introduced cutting edge techno-logy in our production process through introducing multi cavity extrusion process to enhance the production. A computer controlled weighing and batching system has been implemented to take over the control in quality consistency. Co-inserted gasketing system with top notch TPE gasket are an additional advancement we have introduced to our profile systems.
A wide range of new profiles with high geometric sizes is getting introduced to fabricate windows and doors to match the high wind pressure at higher altitudes.

Can you share with us your success story and where shall we find Simta Clear Coats three years from now.
The major success we enjoyed in our uPVC industry is the growth that we have seen in last 10 years which started with 100 tons/month and now we are at 1500 tons/month. This shows the huge acceptance of our profile systems in the market despite the more number of threats available in the market in various forms.
We are constantly having the expansion plans to capture the market for future requirements of the construction industry. We are in the process of starting the new extrusion plant in the northern part of India to improve our serviceability at the reach of our customers.

Simta Clear Coats Private Limited
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