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Accommodation facility for MES at Shankar Vihar, New Delhi

Er. Nitesh Agrawal,
Chief Operations Officer
Skeleton Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

The project includes 3 nos similar G+3 storey Prefabricated building of Y shape for accommodation at Shankar Vihar, Delhi Cantt. The built-up area of each building is approximately 85,000 sq. ft.
The Y shape building has been divided in 4 parts, 3wings & a central core, by Expansion joints for improved behaviour under lateral loads.

The structure is envisaged as a steel-concrete hybrid structure with substructure up to the plinth level in concrete and superstructure in structural steel. The primary frame of the building comprises of moment resisting steel beam-columns frames with cross bracings in vertical plane at suitable locations in line with architects to resist the lateral force due to earthquake and wind and control the deflections. The floor system comprises of steel beam and joist with concrete slab over profiled metal deck sheet. Rigid diaphragms in horizontal direction at floor levels is considered and it is achieved through concrete screed over deck sheet.

Hollow tubular sections are considered for Column, Beams & Bracings having yield strength of 310 MPa confirming to IS 4923-2017 & IS 1161-2014.

External & Internal walls except wet areas/toilet are LGSF walls. In Wet areas/toilets, AAC block masonry are provided.

The Structural analysis & design is performed on Staad Pro Connect edition and through rigorous analysis and design iterations, the structural stability was ensured while satisfying the budgetary constraints since this was an EPC contract.

Salient Features

  • Y shaped building in plan
  • Building located in earthquake zone-IV with IF =1.2
  • Use of Hollow tubular sections & LGSF walls system.

There were quite a few complexities involved while designing this project. The locations of special moment frames & Bracings were carefully chosen to satisfy design requirement for lateral forces due to Wind & Earthquake and aesthetics & functional requirement of building. The Steel frames & connections were designed & detailed in such a way that it’s easy, repetitive and fast for erection.

EPC Contractor: M/s Varindera Constructions Ltd., New Delhi
Architect: M/s Akshaya Jain & Associates, New Delhi
Structural Consultant: Skeleton Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Steel Tonnage: 1100 MT (approx.)
Status: Ongoing

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