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Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd

Strata’s Innovative Geosynthetics Cut Construction Costs by more than 25%* and Fast-Track Industrial Development

Revolutionizing the Future of Construction, Strata Offers Eco-Friendly, Time-Saving Solutions for Industrial Sites, Ensuring Durability and Reducing Environmental Impact

Strata is leading the transformation in industrial construction with its advanced geosynthetic materials that not only meet the highest global standards of quality but also significantly reduce reliance on natural resources and labor-intensive traditional construction methods.

Industrial sites positioned on weak-soil terrains often encounter structural integrity and safety challenges. Strata’s geosynthetic products provide robust, reliable, and long-lasting solutions, critical for areas with heavy industrial load. These geosynthetics distribute loads more evenly, preventing ground deformation and reducing daily wear and tear, with a cost saving of approximately 20-25% compared to traditional concrete pavement.

Strata’s innovative industrial development portfolio offers ground improvement and stabilization for container yards and ports, industrial flooring solutions, erosion control and slope protection, and lining solutions for canals, reservoirs, drainage systems, and retaining walls.

Crane Pads, Parking, & Loading Areas
Strata’s solutions for crane pads, parking, and loading areas are designed to spread heavy loads over a wider area, thereby safeguarding the ground structure from deformation. This is crucial in high-traffic areas where the daily movement of multiton vehicles causes significant wear and tear. The efficiency of this solution offers a cost reduction of about 20% compared to conventional concrete solutions.

Industrial Flooring
Strata has harnessed the power of science to create industrial flooring solutions that avoid expensive procurement and replace natural materials like stone with site-won material. These innovative flooring
systems save approximately 15% on upfront costs and reduce construction timelines by about 25%, ensuring that facilities are operational without delay.

Erosion Control and Slope Protection
Many industrial sites are located on environmental inclines and require effective erosion control and slope protection to maintain site integrity and safety. Strata’s solutions in this area are quick to construct, reduce expenses over traditional methods, environment friendly and provide stability that withstands severe weather conditions.

Lining & Drainage
Strata’s lining and drainage systems are designed to conform to shape distortions and withstand high pressures from flowing water. The ease of installation of these systems offers significant savings, reducing construction time by about 30%, and the products are designed to last for 100 years.

Retaining Walls
Strata offers a variety of options for retaining walls, including wire basket, vegetated, concrete, or custom fascia. The in-house manufactured systems replace the need for steel and concrete, maintaining strength and durability while cutting costs by approximately 20-25%.

Strata not only offers a comprehensive and robust range of products but also brings unparalleled technical expertise to the forefront, providing compelling reasons to choose Strata for your next industrial construction project.

Tailored Design and Consultation Services
To ensure the optimal application of its geosynthetic solutions, Strata offers design consultancy, helping projects maximize the benefits of these innovative products and adopt sustainable, efficient construction practices.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
All of Strata’s products are precision-manufactured at its advanced facilities, adhering to stringent global standards. This ensures that every project built using Strata’s solutions stands on the most reliable and effective groundwork.

Sustainable Practices and Reduced Carbon Footprint
Strata is committed to sustainability, leveraging geosynthetic technology to minimize the carbon footprint of construction projects. Its products enable carbon-neutral building practices, particularly with options like vegetated retaining wall that blend ecological benefits with structural integrity.
With Strata’s geosynthetic solutions, industrial developers not only achieve substantial savings in costs and time but also advance towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices.
*The numbers are approximate and indicative and may vary from project to project.

Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd
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