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Overhead cranes Do’s and Don’t’s

Mr. Nirag Chokshi
Managing Partner,
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The life of overhead crane equipment can last decades. If it is properly installed, engineered, and maintained, then it can go through a lifetime. But if you are stuck with such expensive equipment in a situation, the feeling may not be good. When the overhead crane becomes outdated, unsafe, or unreliable, the organization must modernize or upgrade it.
Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the same process of repurchasing it. Modern technologies and engineering advancements extend the life of any overhead crane equipment. Therefore, any overhead crane equipment that does not work efficiently can be upgraded or modernized to meet its production requirement.
Why should you opt for upgrading or modernizing your overhead crane equipment?
The overhead crane is known for its massive lifespan. Once you invest in this overhead crane, it is sure to go for more than some decades, provided you take the best care of it. At the same time, some of the components of the crane can decay over time. To ensure proper operation, you must replace or repair this equipment timely. It will put an added life to your machine. It is one reason why people for different business units are opting for the appreciation of overhead crane equipment with modern technologies.

You might use the same unit for more than ten years while facing no problems at all. But you need to upgrade or modernize your unit if – You tend to have an addition of a new production shift i.e Making more lifts than before per shift, The overhead crane equipment needs to lift heavier or different materials & require better speed for efficient lifting performance.

Difficult in finding the replacement parts
As the overhead crane becomes older, it becomes challenging to find the parts for replacement. Some of the manufacturing companies may not be in the business, or others have become obsolete. In this case, your overhead crane equipment needs replacement, and then you need to upgrade the system or modernize them.

Need more precise control
Whenever you use the overhead crane for more than a year, make sure you look for the braking system. If you do not maintain your brakes, then it will increase the add-up cost over time. Also, in the long run, it can end up costing even more.

Improve the efficiency and safety measures
With the development of technology over time, companies are providing more safety features to machines. It increases the efficiency of the device. One of the techniques is the inclusion of a push button in the operator cab. In some cases, you can replace it with remote radio controls.

Frequent need for repair
Sometimes the equipment of the overhead cranes goes through a lot of use. It can result in a frequent shutdown. However, if your overhead crane experiences such shutdowns, then it is time that you look for up-gradation or modernization of your machine. Ignoring this can raise the cost of repair. It is better to get the product repaired than to spend money on a new product.
The older cranes require more upgrading than the newer ones. When you are upgrading your overhead crane equipment, again and again, make it a point that you go to a professional crane technician to inspect your crane. If needed, then replace the parts or equipment with a new one.

Inspection uncovered issues
It would be best if you increased the frequency of inspection for your overhead cranes. To increase the life expectancy of your machine, you need to identify different signs of irregularities and wear. During the process, if anyone finds out that the wear is more than expected, then you need to look for a replacement. It can reduce the costly downtime of your overhead cranes while extending the longevity of the equipment.
Specific units provide updated versions of equipment for the overhead cranes. It is safe to use the current design to maintain every safety standard. Replacing the overhead cranes with modernized components would ensure safety standards while helping your employees stay safe.
Parts of the overhead cranes that one can upgrade
There are certain parts of the overhead crane that need to be upgraded or modernized. Some of them are:

  • Crane control system
  • Brake system
  • Trolley gearbox and hoist
  • Wheels or end trucks
  • Electrification system
  • Runway or structural components
  • Wrapping it up

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