April 15, 2024 2:12 am
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The Supreme Industries Limited

Supreme CopperShield Tanks

With a legacy of innovation and a strong commitment to meeting diverse water storage requirements, Supreme Industries stands as a one-stop shop for cutting-edge solutions. Whether it’s the above-ground or the underground water storage requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of tanks, which includes the reliable and time tested ‘SILTANK’ overhead and loft tanks, the premium ‘WeatherShield’ overhead tanks, and the ‘Amrutam’ underground water tanks. Continuing this tradition of introducing newer, improved and better products, we are pleased to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our range, the all-new ‘CopperShield’ water tanks with an inner copper layer.

Supreme CopperShield tanks feature an advanced inner copper layer that shields bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae and provides complete protection to the stored water. Besides consistently maintaining the water quality these tanks keeps the water fresh, clean and safe for a prolonged period. CopperShield tanks are offered in 500, 750 and 1000 ltrs capacities in a distinct Tan Copper colour and are available in four layer design.

CopperShield tanks offer a range of key features:
Strong and Sturdy: Rotationally molded for superior performance.
100% Virgin Food Grade Raw Material: Promises superior quality, long lasting performance and ensures odor-free storage.
Four-Layer Design: Robust construction for aesthetic appeal, durability, and reliable performance.

Comprehensive Anti-microbial Protection: The copper layer adheres to stringent standards that offer effective protection against different microbes like fungi, bacteria, viruses, and algae and ensure water quality that meets the highest standards.
Double Wall Cover: Rotationally molded double-wall covers enhance structural integrity and prevent sunlight entry, preserving water quality.
Excellent Water Storage Solution: Supreme CopperShield tanks address the need for quality, efficiency and reliability.
All Weather-Resistant: Engineered to withstand volatile weather conditions, these tanks offer a safe & secure storage solution, ensuring the stored water remains free from any contamination.
Full capacity guaranteed: Unlike commercial tanks the storage capacity of Supreme Coppershield tanks is equal or exceed to the stated capacity.
Assured quality: Rigorously tested to ensure the quality. Meets & exceeds all quality parameters specified in the BIS Std.
The CopperShield water tanks are not just a testament to innovation; they represent a futuristic approach to water storage that addresses the critical need for hygiene and safety in water management.

The Supreme Industries Limited
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