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Supreme acoustics – SILENCE AMPLIFIED

Mr. Ajay Mohta
Business Head
The Supreme Industries Ltd

Mr. Mohta, as you had mentioned last time that you are going to launch a wide range of products for acoustics solutions, can you brief us about the same.
Yes, we have launched wide range of ready to use panels for walls and ceilings in end number of colours which will match with any décor and can be customised to any shape and size. All these products are developed after a lot of research for providing the optimum Acoustic solution as well as take care of aesthetics.

How many projects you have completed in last one year with your products?
See our product launch was supposed to be in March 23 which got delayed somehow and in LAST 6 months we have done 50 plus projects in Pan India most of them are in East only. By next month we will spread marketing in other parts of the Country also.

Are all these projects Private or Government projects?
We have done 3 West Bengal Government projects and balance is private projects. Two more West Bengal Government Hospital projects are in pipeline and now we are heading towards Central Government Projects.

What is the response from the market, are you getting repeat business?
I am feeling very proud and delighted to state that our products has got good response from the end users and we are getting repeat orders from many Architects, Interiors, Contractors because the name SUPREME is itself a great Symbol for quality and Integrity.

Can you brief us about the products and its application?
Surely, I would love to brief about our products. Following are our range
EcoLow – These are Square & Rectangular shaped wall panels that comes in wide range of colours and sizes. It can be applied in the walls of Residences, Convention Centres, Auditoriums, Clubs and many more applications
Acoustadeco – These are Circle, Hexagon, Octagon, Triangle shaped wall panels that comes in wide range of colours and sizes. It can be applied in the walls of Residences, Offices, Clubs, Malls, Museums/Arts etc.
Pendaswing – These are dual-surface performing panels can be suspended from the ceiling and gives superior sound quality. It also comes in wide range of colours and sizes. It can be applied in Residences, Offices, Education, Malls, Healthcare, Clubs etc.
Hushang – These are panels that is sticked or hanged from the ceiling. It comes in Circle, Hexagon, Triangle, Rectangle, Square etc. in wide range of colours and sizes. It can be applied in Residences, Offices, Malls, Healthcare, Hospitality, Auditoriums,Clubs, Sports Complexes etc.
Acoustazorb – This range panels comes wrapped with stretch fabric in gripper system. It can be applied in Residences, Malls, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Banquet halls, Hospitals, Education, Studios, workshops, etc.
Acoustaceil – This is the application done on the ceiling with our core material Resimer. You do not require any covering by fabric or any other false ceiling material. Acoustsaceil with fabric option also available. It can be applied in Hospitality, Banquets, Conference rooms, Shooting Range, Cinema halls etc.
Muffle – Supreme Acoustic Fabric. Different type of grades and colours are available. Its Abrasion Resistance is upto 80000 Cycles. Colour Fastness Wet 4, Dry 5, FR grade is also available.
Gripper – Supreme Gripper is available that is used in Acoustazorb application. Fabric Gripper system are widely used for making modular acoustic fabric wall panels, fabric acoustic ceiling panels etc., In which Resimer is the absorber material.
Wooden Slat – Supreme wooden slat for ceiling and walls are also available that comes in different colour shades, different sizes of perforation. Slats are made of fibreboard and spaced apart, creating gaps that traps sound waves. Behind the slat an acoustic fabric and a layer of Resimer further absorbs and diffuses sound. It can be applied in Banquet Halls, Auditoriums, Hospitals, Offices, Education Institutes, etc.

It’s great to know that now we have acoustics solutions from a reliable and reputed brand in India. There must be some unique feature in the product launched by Supreme
Definitely, Supreme always launches something new and better compared to conventional products.
The core product in our entire range of Baffles, Clouds, and Panels etc. is Resimer. It is a 100% recyclable and green product and has a unique perforated Honeycomb structure to attain a high NRC value. It is moisture resistant so there is no need for a water barrier or protective film to ensure acoustic properties are maintained. Its semi-rigid structure makes it easy to cut, handle and install on site. It is fibre free, washable, CFC free and has a low VOC.

Is there any other product available in India matching features of Resimer
No, I don’t think so as other than the above mentioned unique features, it is Light weight and less than half the weight of alternative material. It does not encourage the growth of Fungi or Bacteria, dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity. There is no other company in India or even in Asia who are manufac-turing this product, so there is a great scope for export also to neighbouring countries. Right now similar product is manufactured in UK and is widely being used all over European and American Countries for a wide range of applications which we are yet to explore in India.

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