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Trimble Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Construction industry transformation in India through affordable digitalization.

As the Indian infrastructure is undergoing a complete overhaul in line with the Infrastructure Vision 2025, the construction industry is being driven by the unstoppable digital transformation. This digital wave is not merely a fleeting trend, but rather a seismic shift that promises to enhance efficiency, precision, and sustainability in an industry important to India’s economic growth. Digitalization helps in designing and planning projects with precision, reducing errors and delays. With digital tools, construction has become more organized, allowing for better communi-cation among teams and stakeholders. This translates to cost savings, faster project completion, and improved overall quality. Over the next 2023-2026, India’s construction sector is projected to achieve robust growth at a 6.0% CAGR, driving digital transformation in tandem with the B2B e-commerce sphere.

The array of technologies available in the market, from constructible BIM to scanners to drones to robotic devices to HoloLens and other IoT-enabled devices, are driving the change that construction industry had been waiting for a long time. These technologies promise to help the industry accelerate the full digitalization of construction work flows and processes, which in turn will help improve project delivery and profitability and mitigate the environmental impact of their activities.

Companies like Trimble offer technology solutions that aid the entire construction lifecycle from design, to prefabrication to the construction and the post-construction monitoring of a building, making the whole process cost and material effective, as well as sustainable.

In the past, the construction industry has been slow to digitize, despite intent and efforts by most stakeholders. A primary factor contributing to industry’s reticence was the perception that digitalization is expensive and requires high initial investment. To counter this misnomer, Trimble introduced the subscription model which allows construction companies to access cutting-edge digital construction solutions without high upfront cost of purchasing and introducing new software or hardware in their workflows. The subscription model significantly lowered the initial investment cost making digitalization accessible and affordable.

Another factor contributing to industry’s hesitation to adopting technology had been the complexity of some technologies, which required specialized knowledge and training to operate effectively. This sometimes presented a barrier for those who lacked the necessary technical skills to implement automation into their workflow. However, it is worth noting that technology vendors offer training programs to overcome this hurdle, thereby ensuring a smooth transition to automated systems. Trimble’s subscription model has not only substantially lowered cost of investment, but also allows for hands-on skilled training through a network of Authorized Training Centers and direct training by Trimble staff.
Yet, as with any paradigm shift, the industry must navigate the challenges of implementation and adoption with care. The introduction of automation technologies requires investment, both in terms of capital expenditure and training, necessitating a careful evaluation of potential costs and benefits. By offering free product trials, Trimble now provides customers an option to try and test the software to select the best array of solutions that may be best suited per their requirements before making a decision to invest in the technology.

It recognizes that investing in software is not just about monetary transactions; it’s about the transformation of processes and the enhancement of productivity. With the free 30-day software Tekla product trial, potential users can get hands-on experience of Trimble’s cutting-edge solutions, enabling firms to gauge their effectiveness in real-world scenarios. They can assess the functionality, performance and witness firsthand how the software improves accuracy, and contributes to overall efficiency of their job.

The 30-day free product trials fosters smarter choices and optimized outcomes, ultimately contributing to the nation’s infrastructure advancement.

Trimble Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
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