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Trutek Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. (TFPL)

Right screws are as important as any other component while choosing and selecting raw materials in any building project, Like wood, metal, plastic, cement etc.
Stainless steel fasteners are considered a safe bet when the need to choose between traditional steel (MS grade) and stainless steel fixings arise due to their anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties.
It’s important to choose the right fastener for the right application for example : while fixing an “Aluminium windows and doors” or while considering “façade” applications, its recommended to fix it through stainless steel screw along with nylon sleeves owing to its rust resistant properties long service life & aesthetics.

A lot of windows & doors fabrication companies (either Aluminium or uPVC) are opting for stainless steel fixings for the fabrication and installation of their products and they normally choose between grades 304 (A2) or 316(A4). Gone are the days when normal grade screws were used in building and construction industry because there were many short coming in these normal fasteners, like they have to be coated with special top coats like zinc etc. So the life span with these top coatings becomes very short and depends entirely upon the surroundings of the building. If there is a lot of water fresh or sea or the environ-ment is corrosive then the life would be compromised and the performance of fixing would degrade.

When comparing the 2 grades (between 304/A2 to 316/A4) 304 grade has lower costing that 316 grade but the 316 grade has better rust resistant capability that 304 grade, and so generally an experien-ced and trained person from fasteners field should be consulted for making the correct choice of stainless steel fixings. Generally a building/façade consultant can be of great help for you in making the right selection.

Areas near the vicinity of salt-water, chlorine and other corrosive atmosphere are more prone for rusting and hence grade 316 /A4 is usually preferred in these areas. In other areas 304 can be a safe choice as well.

Many types of fasteners are available in SS material like self tapping screw in CSK and Pan Head types, Nylon window frame fixing anchors , nut bolts, washers and stand-alone long screws which can be used along sort wall plugs for fixing partition walls, Bathroom curtain walls, door/window frame fixings, façade building , stone cladding works, fixing of glass railings etc.

Since the SS grade is naturally protected from environmental effects hence no extra top coating is required on its surface, the shine and glow on its surface is natural and long lasting.

Trutek Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. (TFPL)
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