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Visaka Industries Ltd

Mr. Prakash Punj Verma
Sr. Vice President Marketing
Visaka Industries Limited

Visaka Industries is a leading name in Architectural & Building Materials products like Corrugated Sheet, Fiber Cement Board & Solar Roof. Can you brief us about its business activities.
As we are the prime producer of Corrugated Sheets, Fiber Cement boards & Solar Roof, we always try to maintain our quality backed with the services till our end user. Mainly the company has the focus to promote sustainable products to facilitate our customer towards their value for the money. Our all products are made to save the energy, environment and the money. As a part of our business development, we are educating our customers & influencers to understand the benefit of the products and giving training to them for proper installation to get maximum benefits. We are having our manufacturing facilities at different locations to cater the customer throughout the nation.

What is your opinion about Roofing industry in India as far as your business is concerned.
Roofing industries are having a good scope in India. Still about 65 million people from urban & 148 million people from villages are living in slums huts (Jhuggi-Jhopadi) and are using the products for their roof which are not Heat Resistant, Fire Resistant, Chemical Resistant, sound resistant. So, our corrugated roofing sheet is the solution for all. Moreover, cost effecting also. Even for the roofing in the industries, Cattle sheds etc. places our Corrugated Cement Fible sheets are preferrable because of its unique characteristics. In case of our solar roof which is our patent technology, is the solution for saving energy and it is cost effective also.

Which are the segments your products catering for?
Roofing sheets : Industries, Cattle Shed, Slum Huts, Shops, Bus stops, Railway Stations, Defense etc.
Fibre Cement Boards & Panels : All commercial & residential buildings, Individual houses, Offices, Industries, Site offices etc.
Solar Roof : All Commercial & residential buildings, Individual Bangalow, Hospitals, Warehouses, Industries etc. Anywhere we can install the Solar Roof to save the energy.

What are the solutions your company is providing to the customers.
We are providing the roofing solutions to the customer, which are energy saving, Time saving, Environment saving, money saving and easy to install also.
Can you brief us about the advantages of products & services being offered by your company.
Incase of Corrugated roofing sheets, it is Fire resistant, Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant & sound resistant comparing to other roofing products.
With regards to Fibre Cement boards & Panels, the advantage of the product is Time saving, its termite proof, Fire resistant, Sound resistant, Chemical Resistant, water resistant, easy to install & users friendly comparing to other alter-native products available in the market in same category.

In respect of Solar Roof, it is our patent technology. The Solar Roof itself is a roof, it provides the energy, it saves the money, time saving in making a complete roof and easy to install.
In all the products, we are giving after sales services, we are proving the assi-stance to the customer for installations, we do training to the masons/site engineers/ contractors for proper installations.

Can you brief about your distribution network.
We are having the distributors and retailers in PAN India. To cater the small retailers, we have the number Depots also at different locations in all the states of India. For Fibre Cement Boards, Panels & Solar Roof we have the international customers also.

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