April 15, 2024 1:40 am
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Warpp Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Inverter Based Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Aircut- i Series Machine are Inverter Based Air Plasma Cutting Machines. They Are Widely Used for Cutting Ferrous as well as Non Ferrous Metals Using Inexpensive Air as the Cutting Media.


  • Advanced ‘Soft Switching’ Technology, Hence More Reliability.
  • High Frequency Arc Striking with Pilot Arc.
  • Stable Out Put Current
  • Precise Preset & Display of Cutting Current
  • Air Test Switch to Set the Air Flow Precisely.
  • Pressure gauge on the front panel
  • Higher on load voltage & hence higher speed of cutting.
  • High Power Factor & Efficiency.
  • Good Cutting Quality.
  • Continuous Adjustment of Current Possible.
  • Two levels of Air flow to Ensure Smooth Pilot Arc.

Application industry
Plasma cutting is often used in fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, and salvage and scrapping operations.

WARPP Engineers Pvt. Ltd. made a start in the year 1994 by setting up their design, production and quality management facilities at Mumbai. Over two decades of experience in welding and plasma products has greatly helped WARPP to establish itself Indian welding equipment market.

Today, WARPP is well known brand in welding and cutting equipment market in India, whose products are being used in industries like shipbuilding, petrochemical, construction, transport, Offshore energy, repair and maintenance. Thousands of customers are using WARPP products in varying conditions across India and abroad, reaffirming the company’s commitment to quality, reliability and performance.

Warpp in fully equipped to satisfy ever increasing customer expectations. The company possesses all essential machines, and equipment to meet its design, production, inspection, testing and storage needs.

The company is not only committed to after sales service. But also eager to provide prompt Pre- sale service that offer long term benefit to clients. Committed by its vision to maintain high standards in customer satisfaction, WARPP is continuously engaged in expanding dealer network and branches.

WARPP’s Endeavor to provide technology advantage to its customer is generally reflected in its launch of new products. The latest arrivals is full range of IGBT inverter welders armed with soft switching Technology.

Warpp Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Web : www.warpp.co.in

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