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Malik Trading & Demolition

Pioneering Demolition and Dismantling with Advanced Tools and Technologies

Mr. G.S. Farooqui
Malik Trading & Demolition

When it comes to demolition and dismantling services in the industrial, commercial, oil refineries, pharmaceutical plants, and other sectors, Malik Trading & Demolition stands at the forefront. With a commitment to safety standards and an array of advanced tools and technologies, our company redefines the industry, ensuring efficient and environmentally conscious practices under the expert supervision of our director, Mr. G.S. Farooqui.
At Malik Trading & Demolition, safety is the cornerstone of every project we undertake. We prioritize the well-being of our workforce, clients, and the surrounding environment. With the integration of cutting-edge tools and technologies, we have revolutionized the process of silent demolition. By minimizing noise levels and disturbances, we ensure a harmonious coexistence with neighboring structures and communities.
High-reach machines are a fundamental aspect of our silent demolition approach. These specialized hydraulic machines, under the expert guidance of our skilled operators, enable us to work efficiently in confined spaces and congested areas.

With their remarkable height-reach capabilities, our high-reach machines facilitate the safe dismantling of structures from the top down, mitigating the risk of collapse and ensuring the utmost safety for our team and surrounding structures.

To accomplish controlled and efficient removal of materials, we employ the powerful technique of shear cutting. Equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic attachments, our skilled professionals can effortlessly cut through steel beams, columns, and other structural components. Shear cutting not only allows for spark-free demolition but also ensures minimal noise and vibrations, creating a safer and more conducive working environment. For handling concrete and masonry structures, our arsenal includes jaw crushers, essential heavy-duty machines that play a pivotal role in our operations. These crushers, with their stationary and movable jaws, exert immense pressure to break down concrete into smaller, manageable pieces. By employing jaw crushers, we not only ensure the smooth progress of our projects but also significantly reduce noise and dust levels, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable approach.
Incorporating diamond cutting into our range of techniques has proven to be a game-changer for us. High-speed, diamond-tipped saw blades allow for precise cutting through various materials, including concrete, steel, and masonry. This method ensures clean cuts, reduced noise levels, and virtually dust-free operations. Diamond cutting is particularly advantageous when working in sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical plants or hospitals, where noise and debris must be minimized.
In addition to our comprehensive range of services, we also specialize in controlled demolition, employing meticulous techniques that ensure minimal disruption to surrounding structures and environments.
Malik Trading & Demolition specializes not only in demolition and dismantling but also in civil alteration projects. With our expertise and the utilization of advanced tools and technologies, we bring efficiency and precision to the process of transforming existing structures, be it in industrial, commercial, or oil refinery settings. Our dedicated team ensures that every civil alteration project is executed seamlessly, adhering to strict safety standards and delivering results that exceed expectations.

In our pursuit of excellence, we employ sensors to monitor frequencies during our operations. By leveraging technology in this manner, we can detect and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the highest level of safety for our team and clients alike. By upholding the most stringent safety standards, we maintain the integrity of every project we undertake.

At Malik Trading & Demolition, we are committed to environmental responsibility. We understand the importance of sustainable practices and strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Recycling debris generated during demolition and dismantling is a crucial aspect of our operations. By segregating and recycling materials, we contribute to a circular economy, reducing waste and preserving valuable resources.

Malik Trading & Demolition
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